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03.01.11 12:31
Brief totals of Marine Engineering Bureau 2010 work

14 new vessels and 12 vessels after considerable re-equipment were built and put into operation due to Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB) projects during 2010. Summarized deadweight of these vessels is of 96 000 tons.
7 multi-purpose dry-cargo vessels (DCV33, RSD08, 005RSD03, 005RSD06.01, 003RSD04/ALB03 prjs.), 2 passenger vessels (PV02, PV05 prjs.), 1 train-ferry for Black Sea (CNF09 prj.), 1 livestock carrier (LSC01 prj.), 1 sea diving vessel (SDS08 prj.) and 2 non-self-propelled self-opened scows (HB02 prj.) were built.
3 dry cargo vessels of 1565 prj., 2 dry cargo vessels of 16290 prj. (DCV10 prj.), 2 dry cargo vessels of 1743 prj., 1 dry cargo vessel of 2-95A/R prj., 1 dry cargo vessel of 05074M prj., 1 dry cargo vessel of 19620 prj., 2 tankers of 630 prj. were modernized.
Vessels were built at:
Russian shipyards (4 dry-cargo vessels, 2 passenger vessels and 1 sea diving vessel);
Ukrainian shipyards (1 dry-cargo vessel, 1 train-ferry and 2 non-self-propelled scows);
Turkish shipyards (1 dry-cargo vessel and 1 livestock carrier);
Chinese shipyards (1 dry-cargo vessel).
Modernizations were taken place at: Ukrainian shipyards (5 vessels), Russian shipyards (4 vessels) and Turkish shipyards (3 vessels).
Moreover, 8 multi-purpose dry-cargo vessels (RSD18, DCV36, RSD44, prjs), 1 multipurpose salvage vessel (MPSV07 prj.), 1 product and chemical tanker (RST22M prj.) are being completed after launching.