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28.06.05 10:52
The third dry-cargo vessel of "Karelia" type was launched

On July, 24, 2005 at the Onega shipyard, Petrozavodsk, (Aleksandr Layllya is a general director) the third multi-purpose dry-cargo vessel "Belorus" with two full-circle rudder propellers of "Karelia" type was launched. Vessel's deadweight is of about 5500 tons in sea and 3300 tons in river. Vessel's Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation is of KM LU2 IISP A3. Vessel's keel was laid down on 10.11.04.
OJSC "Belomor-Onega Shipping" is a shp-owner.
Vessel's launching was timed to Petrozavodsk City Day and to the coordinating transport conference of CIS state-members.
Minister of RF transport Igor Levytin and president of Carelia Republic Sergey Katanandov came out at the festive activity.
Vessel's project 005RSD03 is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Vessel's overall length is of 108.3 m, breadth is of 16.5 m, depth is of 5.5 m.
Cargo holds' capacity is of 8000 cub. m. Hatch covers are of removable type (with gantry crane).
First vessel of the series "Rossiyanin" is successfully operated at international voyages, the second one "Ukrainets" is being fitting-out at Onega shipyard.
"Belorus" is the third vessel on new generation assigned for replacement of about 500 existing dry-cargo river-sea going vessels with tonnage of 3000 tons in river. Average age of these vessels that are under control of Russian ship-owners is 22-24 years. Vessels are of "Volgo-Balt", "Amur", "Sormovskiy", "Omskiy" and other types.
Longitudinal framing system was used for hull, including double sides. Construction and thicknesses were chosen taking into consideration Russian operational requirements (bucket grab loadings, passing through the locks, work in shallow water and in small-break ice).