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22.10.10 19:51
End of building of first in the series non-self-propelled self-opened scow of HB02 prj. for state company "UKRVODSHLYAH"

On October 11, 2010 Kilia shipbuilding and ship-repair yard finished building of lead non-self-propelled self-opened scow "KSH-1" of HB02 prj. with capacity of 350 cub. m.
This is the first newly-built vessel of technical fleet which has been built for needs of branch for last 20 years according to the press-department of Transport and Communication Ministry of Ukraine. "Renewal of internal and technical fleet will allow to revive navigation on internal waterways and ensure increase of freight flows in cities along Dnepr", - Minister of Transport and Communication of Ukraine Konstantin Efimenko has emphasized. The second scow "KSH-2" is being completed.
"UKRVODSHLYAH" state company of Transport and Communication Ministry of Ukraine is the customer.
The HB02 project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB) (under active participation of yard specialists).
Estimated work region of scows is of Dnepr river, Dnepro-Bugsky estuary, Dnestrovsky estuary.
Scows are assigned for pulp reception from dredger, transportation and pulp unloading in dump place. Scows are operated by dredger crew or tug crew.
Vessel of HB02 project is non-self-propelled, without crew, adopted for navigation by push method and dragging with tug, dump scow with self-opening hull on hydraulic gear.
The project is designed for Ukrainian Register of Shipping class notation K B1.
Scow architectural-constructive type is of single-deck vessel with opening halfhulls, jointed with two hinges and held in close state with help of two hydraulic cylinders.
Vessel's hull was made symmetric relatively to middle for convenient joining with dredger or placing on unload point in different positions, without canting (turning).
Overall length is of 41.0 m, overall breadth - 9.30 m, breadth (on CWL, middle) is of 9.0 m, depth (on middle) is of 3.00 m.
Ground hold capacity is of 353 cub. m, ground hold length is of 31.8 m, ground hold breadth on main deck level is of 7.4 m, ground hold coamings height (from main deck) is of 0.5 m.
The keel of first in the series scow "KSH-1" of HB02 prj. was laid down on November 21, 2008. Launch was completed on April 30, 2009.
The keel of second in the series scow "KSH-2" of HB02 prj. was laid down on December 05, 2008. Launch was completed on May 14, 2009.
According to the press-department of Ministry usage of newly built vessels of technical fleet will allow state company " UKRVODSHLYAH" to increase efficiency of dredging engineering that in turn will create conditions for safety navigation and will as much as possible increase profit of company from execution of contract works.