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27.09.10 14:21
Marine Engineering Bureau congratulates Professor Sizov Victor Grigor'evich with 100-year old anniversary

On September 27, 2010 Professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. Sizov Victor Grigor'evich celebrated 100-year old anniversary.
Sizov Victor Grigor'evich was born in 1910 in St. Petersburg. After the graduation in 1932 of the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute V.G.Sizov has started the labour path of the naval architect from position of design-engineer, chief engineer of design bureau (DB) of "Petrozavod" yard in St. Petersburg.
After S.M.Kirov murder "sweep" of persons of "wrong" origin has been carried out in a city. V.G.Sizov's family (noble origin) has fallen also under this campaign.
Victor Grigor'evich has worked as the design-engineer of DB at "Krasnoe Sormovo" yard, "Sormsudoproekt" and CDB-51 ("Vympel" in future) during the period from 1935 to 1940 after the 5-year exile together with family in settlement Semiozernoe (Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic) and its replacement on prohibition of living in the cities of Moscow and Leningrad,.
V.G.Sizov has started pedagogical work in 1936 as the lecturer of Gorkovskiy Polytechnic Institute.
V.G.Sizov returned to Leningrad and worked as lecturer of "Ship theory" department of LSI (Leningrad Shipbuilding Insitute) in 1940 after exile's termination and because of academician G.E.Pavlenko invitation. He has been working as the design-engineer of a 640 yard in settlement Sosnovka of the Kirov region after evacuation from blockade Leningrad since 1942 till 1944.
All the scientific and pedagogical work of V.G.Sizov has inseparably linked with Odessa since 1945. He has been the lecturer of the Odessa Institute of Engineers of Maritime Fleet (OIEMF) during 1945-1954, and he has been the professor of the Odessa National Marine Academy (ONMA) since 1954 and till present time.
Worldwide fame has been brought to V.G.Sizov by his jobs of wave resistance theory published in the USSR, England, Germany, the USA and which have become classic of ship theory. V.G.Sizov is known to wide marine public also for the pioneer jobs in the field of vessel stability (bulk cargoes transporting), parametric pitching and rolling, optimization of transoceanic paths with taking into consideration of hydrometeorological conditions on a route, solution of the hydrodynamic problem of vessel stability with taking into consideration speed and many other theoretical and practical problems.
There are no qualified specialists in the field of shipbuilding who does not use theoretical solutions and practical results gained by V.G.Sizov for the first time on all post-Soviet territory today.
V.G.Sizov has been headed following sections (having of high deserved authority): section of development and operation of fleet of scientific and technical council of Maritime Fleet Ministry of the USSR for many years, section of vessel hydromechanics of Hydromechanics Institute of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He was member of scientific and technical council of Head Administration of Register of the USSR and member of all-Union scientific and technical society named for of Academic A.N.Krylov.
V.G.Sizov has trained three generations of marine specialists, great group of post-graduate students and applicants who defended candidate's dissertations for 56 years of work in ONMA. He took active part in formation of specialists of top skills all over the country (opposed as the official opponent, worked in specialized councils of OHEMC (Odessa Higher Engineering Marine College), OIEMF, NSI (Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute)).
V.G.Sizov is the author of more than 130 scientific jobs; he also supervised a lot of research works as research manager.
In 2009 (!!!) his textbook of ship theory was published. This textbook was written with special refinement, easiness and strictness of statement was published.
The book contains up-to-date information and recommendations of classification societies and international organizations, which are directed on increase of maritime safety and save of life at sea. V.G.Sizov is also the author of the numerous methodical manuals developed by himself and with staff of theory and gear of vessel department. He has headed this department for a long period.
V.G.Sizov's jobs are devoted to actual problems of vessel design and their operation, and they are regularly published in collectors of science works of Academy, Odessa National Marine University (ONMU), works of Academic publications of country, materials of International Conferences of the highest level at present time.
It is difficult to revaluate V.G.Sizov's contribution in preparation of marine specialists, education of scientific personnel and scientific and technical progress of marine branch.
V.G.Sizov's effective activity is marked by rank "Honourable worker of maritime fleet", medal "Veteran of work", Gratitude of the President of Ukraine, the Gold award of the governor, the government grant of the President of Ukraine. Scientific progress of professor V.G.Sizov is marked by rank of the laureate of award named for of Academic A.N.Krylov.
Staff of Marine Engineering Bureau congratulates V.G.Sizov and sincerely wishes health and new successes in scientific and pedagogical sphere to him.
P.S. there are two aksakals of native shipbuilding on photo - professor V.G.Sizov (on the right, with a microphone in the arm), on the left - professor V.V.Kozlyakov.