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05.05.05 14:53
The lead in the series dry-cargo vessel "Rossiyanin" (005RSD03 prj.) of "Karelya" type was put into operation

On April 29, 2005 the Onega shipyard (Petrozavodsk) put the lead multi-purpose dry-cargo river-sea going vessel of "Karelia" type with deadweight in river/sea of 3300/5470 tons with two fully-circle rudder propellers into operation for OJSC "Belomor-Onega Shipping Company".
Vessel's name is "Rossiyanin".
Vessel's project 005RSD03 is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB). Vessel's Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation is of KM LU2 IISP A3. Overall length is of 108.3 m., breadth is of 16.5 m., depth is of 5.5 m. Total capacity of three cargo holds is of 7840 cub. m.
"Rossiyanin" is the first new generation vessel, which is assigned for renewal nearly 480 existent dry-cargo river-sea going vessels with river deadweight is about 3000 tons. Middle age of existent Russian dry-cargo river-sea going vessels (vessels of "Volgo-Balt", "Amur", "Sormovskiy", "Omskiy" types and others) is about 22-24 years.
The vessel's deadweight is about 5470 tons, when it is operated at sea.
Hatch covers are of "removable" type (with gantry crane).
Hull framing system mainly is of longitudinal type, including double side. Construction and thicknesses are chose with subject to Russian operational requirements (grub loads, passes through locks, shallow water works and works in rare ice brush).
The vessel's speed was of 12.2 knots on sea trials. The vessel displayed excellent maneuvering qualities, which were much better than maneuvering qualities of vessels with usual propulsive-steering complex.
Vessel's keel was laid down on 14.05.03. She was launched on 21.07.04.