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03.05.10 12:16
Modernization of "Kapitan Pschenitsin" tanker

On April 18, 2010 product and chemical tanker "Kapitan Pschenitsin" (IMO 8727941) of 630 project departed to Temruk port after large modernization at Ilyichevsk shipyard.
Ship-owner of the "Kapitan Pschenitsin" is shipping company "BEST" from in Samara (Anna Nikitina is general director).
The project of modernization has been carried out by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
The most part of Soviet tankers with the deadweight of 5000 tons and less, such as "Kapitan Pschenitsin", does not have either double bottom and the double sides, or height of the double bottom is less than value required by the Regulation 19 (former 13F) of MARPOL 73/78. These tankers concern to the following projects (vessels were built at the Russian and Bulgarian shipyards): "Volgoneft" type: pr. 550, 550A, 558, 1577, 630, 630.1, 630.2 "Lenaneft" type: pr. P77, 621, 621.1, 621.2 bunker vessel type: pr. 610, 588 "Oleg Koshevoj" type: pr. 1677M, 16773, 16776 "Nefterudovoz" type: pr. 1553, 1570, etc.
Vessel adduction in according to above-mentioned international requirements is the main aim of modernization.
Thereto elevation of double bottom over whole cargo zone to the height which is regulated by Regulation 19 of MARPOL 73/78 was taken place.
The total weight of transferred and new constructions is about 200 tons. Other parts of vessel were under reconditioning repair.
After modernization vessel has received class RMRS KM L4 R2-RSN oil tanker (ESP).
Deadweight is 5596 tons when sea draught is of 4.09 m.
With the draught of 3.60 m in the river deadweight is of 4403 tons.
Capacity of cargo tanks is of 6418 m³. Number of tanks is 12. There are 2 cargo pumps. Each of them has output of 450 m³/h.
Overall length is of 138.0 m, breadth calculated is of 16.5 m, depth is of 6.40 m.
Two medium-speed engines of 882 kW each provide vessel's speed of 10.4 kn.
In total it's necessary to mark that the majority of present tankers with deadweight of 5000 tons and less lost the habitual place in the market and can transport only light petroleum products and light grades oil.
Possible variants of shipowners' actions:
(1) Discarding of old vessels and building new MARPOL tank vessels;
(2) Transportation only light oils (probably, in the future, it will be possible only for tankers with age less than 25 years);
(3) Tanker's modernization into dry cargo vessel;
(4) Arranging of double bottom and double sides without changing the year of building (modernization);
(5) Arranging of double bottom and double sides with changing the year of building (conversion).
Decisions (4) and (5) allow to increase a life time of present tankers for the term of 10-15 years and to provide the required international ecological safety level.
"Kapitan Pschenitsin" tanker (630 prj.) is the second vessel of "BEST" company which was modernized to provide requirements of Regulation 19 of MARPOL 73/78 execution. The first example of such realized approach was modernization of "Mechanic Khachepuridze" tanker. It consisted in increasing double bottom height up to the value required by MARPOL and system modernization due to chemical carrier IMO2 requirements.
The basic result of "Kapitan Pschenitsin" tanker modernization is extension of a vessel operation for at least 10 years, keeping an opportunity of transportations of the full nomenclature of oils.