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03.05.10 11:00
Large re-equipment of dry-cargo motorship "Volgo-Balt 242" was completed

On April 14, 2010 dry-cargo vessel "Volgo-Balt 242" (2-95A/R prj.) started her first voyage after re-equipment.
Works were carried out at Black Sea shipyard (Nikolaev city).
Re-equipment project was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Re-equipment was carried out for increasing of cargo carrying capacity, cargo lifting capacity and vessel's hull strength.
After re-equipment the vessel has achieved Russian Maritime Register of shipping class notation KM L4 R2-RSN (L4 at d ≤ 3.856 m).
The re-equipment project base is idea of usage high (2.5 m taking into consideration existing coamings) continuous longitudinal hatch coamings that allow to increase standard of general strength of vessel's hull (by 67%), cargo holds' capacity (by 20%), deadweight (by 21%) in accordance with International Load Lines Convention. Height of forecastle deck was increased besides works with middle part.
Vessel's deadweight in sea was increased from 3472 tons up to 4206 tons (by 734 tons or by 21.1%), cargo holds' capacity increased from 4724 cub. m up to 5677 cub. m (by 953 cub. m or by 20.2%).
Cargo holds' coamings are mounted onto existing ones by 1.3 m upwards.
Coamings' web plates are mounted to the forecastle constructions in bow part. Coamings' web plates are mounted to the poop constructions in stern part. In bow and stern parts new coamings' beam flanges are mounted to the forecastle and poop decks by mounting of the additional deck plates along the full breadth of vessel (additional plates are mounted to the decks of forecastle and poop) that are mounted on level of new coamings' beam flange.
Transverse bulkhead of fr. 61,97 and 133 are generated to the level of newly mounted longitudinal coaming.
Main works were made at the shipyard, as follows:
• mounting of the new longitudinal cargo hatch coamings (height increasing of the existing ones by 1.3 m);
• increasing height of existing transverse bulkhead and transverse coamings;
• forecastle height increasing;
• mounting of intermediate posts (in double bottom zone) in plane of longitudinal beams in the middle of distance between floors;
• considerable repair of shell and frames, machines and mechanisms, gearings, electronics.
After re-equipment vessel "Volgo-Balt 242" is of cargo double-screw type with 4 cargo holds, with double bottom and double sides, with forecastle and poop, with ER and accommodation superstructure located aft.
The dry-cargo vessel is assigned for transportation of the general, bulk, timber, grain, coal and dangerous goods of 1,1.4S, 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 classes.
Vessel's principal dimensions:
Overall length - 113.86 m;
Length between perpendiculars - 110.0 m;
Breadth - 13.0 m;
Depth - 5.50 m;
Summer waterline draught - 4.491 m;
Summer waterline deadweight - 4206 t;
Deadweight with the draught of 3.6 m - 2900 t.
Re-equipped dry-cargo vessel "Volgo-Balt 242" has technical and economic indices that significantly exceed vessel's ones before re-equipment that allows her to be operated in the conditions of the river-sea going and sea transportations.