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06.03.10 13:45
Dry-cargo vessel "Letniy Bereg" was re-equipped

26 February, 2010 re-equipment of dry-cargo motorship "Letniy Bereg" (Arkhangelsk is a port of registry) was completed.
Customer is CJSE "Belfreight" (EUgeniy Pen'evskoy is a general director)
The vessel was re-equipped at "Ukraina" shipyard (shipyard is a part of Odessa Maritime Trading Port).
Vessel's re-equipment project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
The vessel is assigned for transportation of general, bulk, grain, timber, large-sized cargoes, ISO 20' and 40' containers with height up to 9' and some dangerous goods.
For providing ability of large-sized cargoes transportation cross deck was dismounted, hull constructions were reinforced, ice strengthening were carried out during re-equipment. Also forced explosion-proof ventilation placing and some other works were made to provide transportation of dangerous goods.
Principal vessel dimensions (length overall of 89.12 m, length calculated of 83.6 m, breadth overall of 12.20 m, breadth of 12.00 m) allow to operate vessel both in sea regions of R2-RSN class and internal waterways of Russian Federation (including Volga-Don Shipping Canal, Volga-Baltic Canal and Belomor-Baltic Canal).
Vessel's deadweight is of 2781 tons at sea while draught is of 4.08 m.
Light ship weight after re-equipment is of 1021 tons.
The vessel has single hold with capacity is of 2228 cub.m.
The hold is box-shaped, smooth-wall, convenient for carrying out the freight works and placing a cargo without shifting.
Height of cargo hold is of 6.24 m. This height guarantees placement of 2 tiers of containers with height up to 9'.
The hold is equipped with hatch-covers of "piggy-back" type with placement of timber cargoes (with row height is of 2.3 m) or 1 tier of containers of maximal weight onto them.
The double bottom is designed for distributed load intensity of 8.0 t per sq.m.
For dangerous goods transportation vessel was SPECIALLY re-equipped.
Cargo hold was fitted out with natural and forced ventilation.
At the fore and aft parts of the hold there are 2 ventilating pillars of DN350 (totally 4 pillars). Height of pillars is of 3 m, pillars are equipped with ventilating heads with closures. Ventilating entries to hold from these pillars are located at top and low part of hold. Natural ventilation is provided through these ventilating pillars.
Exhaust forced ventilation is provided by two electric fans of explosion-proof execution. They are mounted in aft ventilating pillars. Capacity of every fan is of 7000 m³/h (more than 6 air exchange per hour is provided).
Earlier vessel sides between upper and main decks were "sewed". "Galleries" were appeared at sides on main deck. Galleries' ventilation is provided by DN350 air pipes which were mounted at the beginning and at the end of "gallery" and derived up to the upper deck.
Earlier in longitudinal coamings of hold water-proof doors were mounted (76 fr., StB & PS) on level of main deck for access to hold from deck. Therefore for prohibiting leakage of toxic gases from hold to "galleries" these doors were hermetically WELDED at "Ukraina" shipyard.
Fire-fighting equipment of vessel for cargo zone includes system of carbon dioxide extinguishing, fire main extinguishing and automatic system of fire detection. Fire main system consists of main pump NCV 63/80 with capacity of 63 m³/h with head is of 80 m.w. which is mounted in ER (115 fr., PS); auxiliary pump NCV 63/80 with capacity of 63 m³/h with head is of 80 m.w. which is mounted in fore auxiliary room (29 fr., StB); emergency pump with capacity of 25 m³/h with head is of 80 m.w. which is mounted in fore auxiliary room (30 fr., Stb). Main and auxiliary fire pumps have remote start and stop from wheelhouse. Fire hoses with shafts of combined type can deliver to locus of fire both straight and diffused water jets. At the cargo area six DN65 fire valves are mounted, length of fire hoses is of 20 m.
Construction of bilged wells provides liquid discharging from hold while bulk cargo transportation. All ER exhaust lines are equipped with silencer and spark arrested gauges. Aft hold bulkhead is equipped with thermo-insulation of A-60 class. For measuring temperature of cargo, composition of oxygen and gases, humidity, gases or oxygen concentration in cargo hold special measuring openings were mounted.
As a result, after re-equipment "Letniy Bereg" can transport packed dangerous cargoes of classes 1.4S, 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 5, 6.1, 8 and 9 are on upper deck that can be extinguished with water.
Vessel can transport packed dangerous cargoes of classes of 1.4S, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 (N DGN 1082), 3, 4, 5.1, 6.1, 8 and 9 classes within hold. Also vessel can transport dry bulk dangerous cargoes of 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1 and 9 classes and also MHB cargoes within hold.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class is of KM Ice 1 R2-RSN.
Main engines are two diesels (medium speed) of 6NVDS 48A-2U type (capacity of each is of 515 kWt). Cruising speed is of 10.5 kn. Fuel stores are located in double sides (ER area).
Electro-energetic plant of dry-cargo vessel consists of two diesel generators (capacity of each is of 100 kWt), one diesel generator (capacity is of 59 kWt) and one emergency diesel generator (capacity is of 59 kWt).
Total capacity of ballast tanks is of 500 cub.m. Double sides breadth is of 1500 mm. Height of double bottom is of 1000 mm.
Crew consists of 12 persons. Autonomy is of 10 days.
The vessel of 19620M project was built in 1992 at Rubinsk Shipyard.