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12.04.05 15:20
Lead dry-cargo barge of "Evropa 2B" type (RDB06 prj.) was launched for Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company

On April, 8, 2005 at Kiliya shipyard lead river dry-cargo non-self-propelled vessel (RDB06 prj.) with tonnage of 2000 tons of "Evropa 2B" type for Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company (P.S. Suvorov is a general director).
Vessel's project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Vessel was built for class of BV I3/3E side tank vessel loading and unloading in two runs /NP Nl2 ice side tank vessel /NP Nl2 ice. She is assigned for transportation of mass dry cargoes in system Danube-Main-Rhine.
Overall length is of 76.02 m. Overall breadth is of 11.44 m. Depth is of 3.20 m. Cargo hold capacity is of 2228 cub. m.
Hatch covers are of telescoping type with manual moving of hatches.