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08.04.05 18:58
The sixth tanker of "Armada" type was launched

On March, 20, 2004 at "ADA" shipyard (Tuzla, Turkey) the sixth product tanker "Dachi Bul-Bul" of "Armada" type (005RST01 prj.) was launched for Palmali group. Vessel's deadweight is of 6500 tons.
The vessel is the third tanker which was built at "ADA" shipyard, which was bought and reconstructed by Palmali group.
Hull's building was started on 16.08.2004. Vessel's keel was laid down on 20.12.2004, she was launched on 20.03.2005. Approximate date of putting to shipowner is 15.04.2005.
Vessel's Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation is of KM LU1 II A1.
Vessel's project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Tanker is assigned for river-sea going transportations of crude oil, masout, diesel petroleum, and also for sea transportation in Baltic, North, Black, Caspian and Mediterranean Seas.
Using full-circle rudder propellers as movement and manoeuvre facilities, using submersible pumps in cargo and ballast systems, full absence of a framing in cargo tanks are characteristic features vessels of "Armada" type. These vessels have no longitudinal bulkhead in CL.
It's supposed to be 10 vessels in the series. Launching of the last vessel in the series is expecting in February, 2006. Intensity of building so much big, that new seventh in the series vessel's keel was laid on emancipated building berth in half an hour after vessel "Dachi Bul-Bul" was launched.
Considerable reduction of time estimation on building berth is achieved due to rational labour organization, and also due to mounting of element of propulsive-steering complex (full-circle rudder propellers) afloat.