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27.10.09 10:40
Newly built tug boat "Portoviy 1" was departed to Dudinka on board of "Norilskiy Nikel"

On October 25, 2009 tug boat of TG04 prj. "Portoviy 1" was successfully loaded onto hatch cover of the third hold of diesel-electric vessel "Norilskiy Nikel".
On October 26 "Norilskiy Nikel" departed for Dudinka.
It is supposed that vessel is going to reach the port on November, 1.
Tug boat loading was carried out by floating crane "PK-106" using bolt eyes that are fixed mounted and assigned for vessel lifting from water onto shore for winter stand. Tug boat mounting onto the hatch cover was carried out using keel blocks specially designed for vessel's mounting on shore.
The shallow water tug (building No. 701) was built at "Nizhegorodsky Teplokhod" shipyard (Bor, Nizhniy Novgorod).
The TG04 project was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Tug is assigned for Polar branch of OJSC "MMC "Norilskiy Nikel".
New tug boat is going facilitate vessels' mooring. Particularly she will fulfill works as follows:
• roadstead- maneuvering works with river going vessels and floating cranes;
• auxiliary works such as berthing, unberthing, handling of barges and vessels;
• vessels' placing in backwater during spring flood;
• ice-breaking works in the port of Dudinka during autumn period;
• placing of non-self propelled fleet for winter stand (placing over a distance from berth in autumn ice with holding until vessel freezes in.
Running test in Volga was held in September of this year and fully confirmed all the decisions made during designing. A lot of "Neva-2009" visitors could watch film (stand of "Nizhegorodskiy Teplokhod" shipyard), that illustrated absolutely unique maneuvering qualities of "Portoviy 1", including "police U-turn" (terminology of motor-car enthusiasts).
Self-propelled dry-cargo vessels and tankers and also non-self-propelled barges have been built for river and river-sea going transportations for last years, as a rule. These objects directly transport the cargo ("earn").
At the same time existing tug fleet continues becoming out of date steadily. There were 55 vessels with the age up to 10 years, 101 vessels with the age from 10 to 15 years, 972 vessels with the age from 15 to 20 years, 2517 (!!!) vessels with the age from 20 to 30 years and 3119 (!!!) vessels with the age more than 30 years with the RRR class at the beginning of 2008.
The tug of TG04 prj. is the first vessel of the river tugs new generation that will be built for operation into Russian internal waterways. She will replace the tug with the 1969 building year in the auxiliary fleet of MMC "Norilskiy Nikel" in the port of Dudinka.
Tug "Portoviy-1" (building number is of 701) was laid down on 12.09.08. It was launched on 27.08.09. Sea trials were finished on 07.09.09. The vessel was put into operation on 17.09.09.