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20.10.09 00:05
Work of International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean (IMAM) Congress has been completed in Istanbul

The 13th International Congress of International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean (IMAM) has passed in Istanbul On October 12-15, 2009.
Minister of Transport and Communications of Turkey Binali Yildirim, President of Turkish Association of Shipowners Metrin Kalkavan, Chancellor of Istanbul Technical University Prof. Muhammed Sahin and one of founding fathers of IMAM (year 1974) Pr. Teoman Ozalp were invited to solemn congress opening.
More than 250 scientists from member-countries such as Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, France, Egypt, Albania, Israel and also Great Britain, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, USA, Germany and the Netherlands took part in IMAM Congress. About 170 reports were presented. Prof. Carlos Guedes Soares (Portugal) was elected for the third term as a President of IMAM.
Marine Engineering Bureau specialists presented seven reports:
1. Perspective salvage vessels for Black Sea. Authors: I.E. Zakharov, G.V. Egorov, I.A. Ilnitsky, N.V. Avtutov.
2. Multipurpose dry-cargo vessels with deadweight of 3000-15000 tons for East European shipwoners. Authors: G.V. Egorov, I.A. Ilnitsky, V.I. Tonuk.
3. Reasons and consequences of river-sea going vessels accidents in Kerch Channel on November 11, 2007. Authors: G.V. Egorov, A.E. Nilva.
4. New railway ferries for Black Sea. Authors: G.V. Egorov, N.V. Avtutov, D.V. Chernikov.
5. River-sea going tankers with deadweight of about 7000 tons of "New Armada" type with full-circled rudder propellers. Authors: G.V. Egorov, Y.I. Isupov.
6. Prospects of existing river-sea going vessels. Authors: G.V. Egorov, V.I. Tonuk.
7. Hydrodynamics problems of lateral tossing of vessels on significant shallow water. Authors: Y.L. Vorobyev, I.S. Kostrov.
Report about salvage vessels projecting has provoked the most active discussion. IMAM administration (in corpore) and majority of Congress delegates took part in this discussion.
IMAM Congress has almost 31-years history, beginning from the first Congress of International Maritime Association of the East Mediterranean (IMAEM), which took place in Istanbul in 1978. IMAEM was founded by Universities from six countries (Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia and Turkey). Later other countries which are bordered with the Mediterranean region have joined them. Prime aim of Congress was supporting the exchange of academic researches in actual directions of marine science.
IMAEM Congresses took place every three year: Istanbul (1978), Trieste (1981), Athens (1984), Varna (1987) and Athens (1990). After Greece conference Congress was renamed to International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean (IMAM). IMAM Congresses took place in Varna (1993), Dubrovnik (1995), Istanbul (1997), Ishia Island, Italy (2000), Crete Island, Greece (2003), Lisbon (2005) and Varna (2007). Marine Engineering Bureau staff have been taking part in IMAM Congresses since 2000.
Nowdays IMAM significantly extended scope of activity and stands out as effective International Association in Marine Technologies and Marine-Business complex of the Mediterranean region.