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08.10.09 15:52
The lead multipurpose dry-cargo vessel of RSD18 project with deadweight is of 6125/5185 tons was launched on Chinese shipyard

On October 7, 2009 Shipyard "Hua Sya" (Uhan' city, Hubey province, China) launched the lead multipurpose dry-cargo vessel with deadweight is of 6125/5185 tons.
The vessel's name is "UCF-1" (building No is RU-WH01).
"United Cargo Fleet" is a customer (Yuriy Lebedev is a president, Sergey Lokhankin is a vice-president).
Project RSD18 is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
The vessels' building was under Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Nizhny Novgorod branch supervision (Vladimir Gadalov is a director).
Vessels belong to so-called "Azov 5000" type due to MEB internal classification, i.e. to Azov-Caspian "coasters" that have cargo lifting capacity is about 5000 tons for characterized draught of 4.20 - 4.50 m for Russian Azov and Caspian ports (Astrakhan, Neka) with possibility of voyages through Volga-Don Canal.
Vessel was designed for Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation of KM LU1 II A3.
Vessel's overall length is of 123.17 m, length between perpendiculars is of 118.60 m, breadth is of 16.50 m, depth is of 5.50 m.
RSD18 prj. deadweight is of 5185 tons with sea draught of 4.20 m, with the river draught of 3.6 m deadweight is of 3930 tons, maximum deadweight in the sea with draught of 4.67 m is of 6125 tons.
Summarized capacity of three box-shaped cargo holds is of 8595 m3. Container capacity is of 240 TEU, while hatch covers container capacity is of 60 TEU. Permissible load onto the tank top is of 7.5 t/m². Hatch coamings height is of 3.5 m. Hatch covers opening is of 77% of the vessel breadth.
Designed vessel hull's life term is of 24 years. Double bottom height is of 1 m, side tank breadth is of 1.9 m.
The vessel can be operated, if necessary, at low draughts of 3.2-3.4 m in the river. With draught in fresh water of 3.4 m deadweight is of 3530 tons that allows to insist that this vessel in the river is some modern analogue of the dry cargo vessels of "Omskiy" type.
Hatch covers are of removable type (with gantry crane). Crew consists of 12 persons (14 places).
Ballast tanks' capacity is of 2485 cub. m.
Autonomy is of 20 days in sea and 15 days in river.
Cruising speed is of 10.0 kn. Main engines (medium-speed diesels of "W-CXZ" Chinese company production under "MAN B&W" license) capacity is of 2x1120 kw.
Main engines use heavy fuel oil with viscosity of 180 cSt. Variable-pitch propellers' diameter is of 2.6 m.
Bow thruster capacity is of 120 kw. Ship's electric power plant consists of 3 diesel-generators (made in China) with capacity of 160 kw each, and emergency diesel-generator with capacity of 80 kw.
Vessels of RSD18 prj. are assigned for river-sea going and sea transportations of general, bulk, grain, timber and large-sized cargoes, ISO containers, coal and dangerous goods of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 classes.
Vessel's principal dimensions allow to sail through Volga-Baltic Way and Volga-Don Canal, ice class is of LU1 for operation in Azov and Caspian Seas in winter.
The vessel "UCF-1" (building No is RU-WH01) was laid down on 20.04.07. She was launched on 07.10.09.
The vessel with building No is of RU-WH02 was laid down on 20.04.07. Vessels with building NOs of RU-WH03 and RU-WH04 were laid down on 15.06.07.