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03.10.09 13:07
Work of International Conference, which is devoted to 200 anniversary of personnel training for Russian water transport, has been ended

On October 1-2, 2009 at St. Petersburg National University of water services (SPbNUWS) international theoretical and practical conference, which is devoted to 200 anniversary of personnel training for Russian water transport, took place. The conference name is "WATER WAYS OF RUSSIA: BUILDING, OPERATION, MANAGEMENT".
Deputy Director of State Policy Department in Sea and River Transport Sphere Anna Isaeva, Deputy Director of Administrative Division of Transport Department Elena Schurova, Deputy Head of Rosmorrechflot Oleg Shahmardanov, heads and staff of leading research and training organizations of water transport and shipbuilding of Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Finland, Russian classification societies were among participants.
Marine Engineering Bureau together with colleagues from SPbNUWS, RRR and "Palmali" shipping company had worked out 7 reports for this conference, as follows:
1. Research of prospects of river-sea going vessels exist fleet under risk theory. G.V. Egorov, N.V. Avtutov (Marine Engineering Bureau).
2. Modern river-sea going and restricted area cargo vessels line for national customers. G.V. Egorov, I.A. Ilnitsky, V.I. Tonuk, N.V. Avtutov (Marine Engineering Bureau).
3. Experience of new vessels' building with usage of donor-vessels elements. G.V. Egorov, N.V. Avtutov (Marine Engineering Bureau), N.A. Efremov (Russian River Register).
4. Travel restriction function impact to selection of principal dimensions of cargo vessels. G.V. Egorov, I.A. Ilnitsky. (Marine Engineering Bureau).
5. River-sea going tankers of new generation with increased ecological class. G.V. Egorov, I.A. Ilnitsky. (Marine Engineering Bureau), Y.I. Isupov ("Palmali" group of companies).
6. Analysis of towing and seakeeping trials of salvage vessels of new generation for FSUC "Russian State Maritime Salvage Department". G.V. Egorov, I.F. Davidov (Marine Engineering Bureau), M.P. Lebedeva, Y.V. Yatsuk (St. Petersburg National University of water services).
The reports covered broad spectrum of actual problems of national shipbuilding and shipping and provoked interest among participants.
There was a special interest of colleagues to the first report, where following conclusions were made:
1. Middle age of river-sea going (RSN) vessels' fleet is about 24-30 years (due to assignment and flag) with design life, which was assigned in draft proposals for projecting of such types vessels from 25 to 35 years.
2. Actual conditions of RSN vessels' operations considerably differ from premises, which were foreseen in time of designing. Significant increase of relative time of suffering from varying loads' conditions and salt water leaded to appreciable decrease of vessel's hull resource.
3. During the last 15 years hulls of existing RSN fleet in common have spent their own wear and fatigue resource.
4. Number of accidents and disasters with RSN is being increased at last years.
Therefore, the time of RSN national fleet renovation has come. It can be made by prolongating of existing objects' resource or by building new vessels with consideration of changed operation conditions.
Otherwise, significant real danger for people safety, environment and property appears. This danger can not be parried only by organization measures from Flag Administrator side, ports and classification societies.