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28.08.09 10:40
Keel Laying of diving vessel for State Maritime Salvage Department

On August, 28, 2009 the solemn keel laying of head SDS08 prj. marine diving vessel (hull No. 201) for FSUC State Maritime Salvage Department have taken place at Yaroslavl Shipyard (Vladimir Prudius is a general director).
Deputy of RF Minister of Transport Victor Olerskiy, director of state politics in the Maritime and River Transport Sphere of RF Ministry of Transport Alexey Klyavin, deputy of Rosmorrechflota Leader Igor Zakharov, general Director of CJSE "VP-Finsudprom Igor Shekhelev", head of FSUC "Gosmorspasslyzba Rossii" Andrey Khaustov, deputy of general director of FSUC "State Customer Management of Maritime Transport Development Programs Andrey Gusev and others took part inn this procedure.
Marine Engineering Bureau is project designer.
Seagoing diving vessel of SDS08 prj is to carry out operations as follows:
• providing of diving and underwater works on depth till 60 m and at sea state up to force 3;
• participation in salvage, ship-raising and underwater works in accordance with installed means;
• inspection of a sea-bottom, sink objects, underwater part of ship's hull and waterside structure's;
• providing of remote operated deep-water vehicle using at sea state up to force 4;
• inspection of a sea-bottom, underwater part of ships' hull and rudder propellers of vessels, underwater part of waterside structures and providing underwater works ΥΜ divers;
• providing underwater welding on depth till 25 m and underwater cutting on depth till 60 m;
• lifting from depth till 100 m objects of weight till 2.0 t;
• soil man and its removal; water pumping from wrecking vessel;
• pontoons air blow;
• providing works with help of hydraulic tools; survey and cleaning underwater hull part of vessels, floating and coastal objects.
SDS08 prj. seagoing diving vessel has Ice 2 class, inclined stem and transom aft end, long forecastle, deckhouse located fore. Vessel also has engine room located aft, diesel main engines, two controllable-pitch propellers and bow thruster. Her principal dimensions are as follows:
• Length overall - 38.35 m.
• Length between perpendiculars - 36.35 m;
• Breadth overall - about 7,92 m;
• Breadth (due waterline) - 7.70 m;
• Design draught - 2.1 m;
• Full speed - 11 kn;
• Economical speed - 8 kn;
• Main engines capacity - 2 x 420 kWt;
• Autonomy - 5 days.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class is of KM Ice 2 R2 AUT3-C OMBO SDS<100.
Diving equipment consists of:
• pressure chamber for 4 divers;
• diving half-cone with control board;
• diving equipment with SUPERLITE helmet and DESCO ventilate helmet;
• diving equipment of universal "dry" type;
• divers' water-heater facilities;
• communication facilities;
• underwater illumination facilities;
• underwater television;
• underwater welding/cutting;
• hydraulic tools;
• pumping facilities;
• soil man facilities;
• remote-controlled underwater apparatus;
• diving ladder.
Vessel is equipped with two bow high holding capacity anchors of 360 kg weight each and with single stern higher holding capacity anchor of 125 kg weight. The anchors are retracted into hawses with niches and flap covers. For anchors' rising and dropping and for mooring operations fore windlass and aft anchor-mooring-towage winch are installed.
The rescue boat of 6 persons capacity is mounted on the forecastle deck. 2 life rafts 16 persons capacity each are installed by sides.
Cargo crane 2.3 t cargo capacity (with maximum boom of 11.5 m) is installed on the Upper Deck, PS.
For bearing of navigation lights, figures and the radio-navigational equipment a mast there is installed on the wheelhouse roof.
The structure of the hull, machinery, equipment and systems of the ship meets requirements the International Convention for Prevention of Pollution From Ships (MARPOL 73/78).
There are provided:
• closed intake and discharge of fuel and oil through deck sockets and tapered pipes, supplied with the flanges of international type, arranged in special fuel bunker station;
• installation of trays under all fuel and lube pumps, filters and sampling valves, the drainage from which is made into the tanks for oil-residuals;
• equipment of reserve fuel tanks with overflow pipes deduced into the overflow bottom oil fuel tank;
• equipment of fuel and reserve oil tanks, and also of the overflow oil fuel tank with the signaling system by top level.
The sea pollution prevention is provided by the following structural measures:
• the vessel is provided with tank intended for collecting of oily water from machinery compartments bilges and having capacity enough for operating within areas where any discharge into the sea is prohibited;
• the ship is provided with 15 ppm Bilge Separator of 0.5 m³/h capacity to discharge processed oily water outside special areas, as well as with 15 ppm Bilge Alarm and automatic stopping device to discharge processed oily water in special areas through 15 ppm Bilge Separator;
• the discharge of oily bilge water ashore or to ship-collector is carried out through branch pipe with flange of international type arranged in bunker station on the portside, wherefrom the remote shut-down of the transfer pump is provided;
• a special system for collection and discharge to the reception facilities of the oil sludge from the fuel separation is foreseen.
Emptying of the sewage plant and tank for drain and sewage waters is made by ship means with discharge to the refining stations or ships-collectors through branch-pipes located on SB and PS and supplied with flanges of an international type.
For storage of wastes on the ship there are containers of necessary capacity.
General vessel's systems are foreseen as follows:
• domestic freshwater system;
• sewage and sanitary flushing system;
• open deck drainage system;
• vessel compartments ventilation system;
• air conditioning system;
• electric heating system;
• fire-extinguishing systems;
• drainage system;
• oily bilge water system.
Auxiliary plant consists of two diesel-generators with capacity of 136 kW each and single emergency diesel-generators with capacity of 28 kW.
The ship has double-shafting propulsion plant. Each shafting unit consists of propeller shaft, sterntube unit, cooling and lubricating systems and variable pitch propeller.
The scope and degree of automation of technical means of the ship corresponds to the sign AUT3-C of automation in the ship class symbol pursuant to the RS Rules.
This vessel is the first one of the special purpose vessels for Maritime and River Fleet Federal Agency of Russian Federation Ministry of Transport.
As it was informed earlier the results of Agency contest (14 russian yards took part in it) were as follow:
• Neva shipbuilding and ship-repair yard will carry out building of seagoing multifunctional 4MWt diesel-electric salvage vessel with high ice class for Black-Azov and Caspian regions of MPSV07 project (Marine Engineering Bureau is the designer);
• Yaroslavl shipyard will carry out building of seagoing diving vessel of SDS08 project (Marine Engineering Bureau is the designer);
• Brothers Nobel Yard (Rubinsk) will carry out building of two rescue boom-handling boats of A40-2B project (Nizhegorodsky Teplokhod shipyard is the designer);
• Nizhegorodsky Teplokhod Shipyard will carry out building of two diving boat of A160 project (Nizhegorodsky Teplokhod shipyard is the designer);
• Sosnovsk shipyard will carry out building of two seagoing rolled self-propelled barges (carrying capacity is of 250 tons) of DCV47 project (Marine Engineering Bureau is the designer).