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02.07.09 09:35
In 2008 ferries "Petrovsk" and "Annenkov" transported about 2 million tons of cargo on line Caucasus-Crimea

According to the Northern-Caucasus rail road report two ferries of 002CNF01 prj. "Petrovsk" and "Annenkov" transported 875 000 tons of export Russian cargoes (mainly oil products and chemicals) and more than 1 million of import cargoes (mainly aluminium oxide) on line Caucasus-Crimea.
It is supposed that by 2015 year transporting capacity will be increased up to 2.2 million tons per year.
Vessel "Petrovsk" of 002CNF01 prj. with capacity of 24 wagons originally was built for operation on lines port of Makhachkala - port of Aktau (Kazakhstan), port of Makhachkala - port of Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan). Then vessel was re-equipped for 25 wagons and for dimensions of Black Sea ramps.
Vessel "Annenkov" of 002CNF01 prj. with capacity of 25 wagons originally was built for operation on lines port of Caucasus - port of Crimea.
The complex of re-equipment works in 2002-2003 was carried out by Yuzhniy Shipyard in Sevastopol under supervision of Anship Company (general director in that time was Igor Zakharov and technical manager was Igor Chistyakov).
Project 002CNF01 is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation of the project is of KM L4 IISP (ro-ro).
Vessels were assigned for transportation of railway wagons and rolling vehicles and also dangerous goods and large-sized cargo.
Overall length is of 110.50 m. Length between perpendiculars is of 105.20 m. Overall breadth is of 16.40 m. Depth is of 6.25 m.
Vessel's deadweight is about 2947 tons with cargo waterline draught of 3.20 m that allows to make transportation from shallow water of Caucasus port.
The deckhouse is located fore, engine-room is located aft, two main engines with capacity of 650 kWt each provides cruising speed of 10 kn.
Railway wagons are placed on five railway lines of upper deck.
Tank cars capacity is of 25 units (length between coupling gauges is of 12020 mm).
Loading-unloading is of one-level type, (this feature is typical for almost all ferries designed by MEB) that essentially reduces the price of coast terminals and provides loading-unloading of 25 wagons during 1.0 hour.
Autonomy is of 15 days. Crew consists of 13 persons, 6 passengers.