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16.06.09 14:05
Jubilee of founder and general director of shipping company Albros Raim Alikperov

On June, 15, 2009 respected in shipping sphere Raim Alekperov became 50 years old. He is the founder and the general director of shipping company Albros.
Albros owns more that 40 dry cargo vessels including 4 new Azovmax type ones of RSD12 prj., 11 new ones of Caspian Express type of 003RSD04 prj. (and its modifications 003RSD04/ALB02 and 003RSD04/ALB03), 2 new ones of Karelia type of 005RSD03 prj., and 15 modernized vessels of 19620 & 19620M & 19620A prj. of Samur types with Dw about 2700 t, 5 modernized vessels of 2-95A, 2-95A/R prj. of Volgo-Balt type with Dw about 3500 t, 4 vessels of 0225 prj. of Sibirskiy type with Dw about 4760 t and some others.
The biggest part of Albros fleet has Russian flag anā is operated by Russian crew.
For the anniversary people from all former Union have gathered close to the man whose name day it was. Raim Alekperov's friends, i.e. general director of "Orimi Ship" Sergey Kolonistov, general director of "Marship" Victor Batin, general director of "ARK Shipping" Nikolay Sochin, general director of "Rio Maritime" Eugeny Linev, general director of Marine Engineering Bureau Gennady Egorov have congratulated him on behalf of whole shipping industry.
During 5 years Albros built 17 dry cargo vessels at Turkish and Russian shipyards for own purposes, as follows:
1. Ulus Prime (2004);
2. Ulus Star (2005);
3. Ulus Sky (2005);
4. Ulus Breeze (2006);
5. Ulus Wind (2006);
6. Ulus Stream (2006);
7. Gelius 1 (2007);
8. Gelius 2 (2008);
9. Gelius 3 (2008);
10. Modulus 1 (2008);
11. Modulus 2 (2009);
12. Azov Concept (2006);
13. Azov Confidence (2007);
14. Azov Coast (2007);
15. Azov Concord (2008);
16. Vasiliy Klimov (2007);
17. Mekhanik Kovalenko (2008);
Besides, "Modulus-3" is under construction now.
All these vessels belongs to the three designs of Marine Engineering Bureau:
1. Multi purpose dry cargo vessel of Ice2 class with deadweight of 3700/4450 t (river/sea) of Caspian Express type (prj. 003RSD04 and its modifications 003RSD04/ALB02 and 003RSD04/ALB03).
2. Multi purpose dry cargo vessel of Ice2 class with deadweight of 8050 t of Azov XL type (prj. RSD12).
3. Multi purpose dry cargo vessel of Ice2 class with deadweight of 3300/5470 t (river/sea) of Karelia type (prj. 005RSD03).
Besides these vessels two chemical tankers and small single draught supply tug for Caspian Sea (second one is under construction) have been built by Albros for partners and customers.
As one of congratulated told, "Raim is unique not only by his dreams, but to the main thing that ihe could realize these dreams into life. He with wife has born three sons boys and has built twenty new vessels, and he had time to make all this in XXI century".