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08.06.09 16:27
Large re-equipment of "Volgoneft-228" tanker (1577 prj.) was completed

On June 08, 2009 classification documents on re-equipped "Volgoneft-228" tanker (1577 prj.) were issued by the Russian River Register.
"Yenisei" shipping company (Alexander Serdukov is the director) is the ship-owner.
Vessel's examination with renovation on U2 class (10 years old vessel) documents issue was carried out by Don-Cuban Russian River Register branch (Yuriy Sklyarenko is the head of branch).
Re-equipment project was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
The vessel is assigned for oil-product transportations (from masout to petrol).
Wide spectrum of hull works and works due fitting vessel to modern international requirements were taken place on "Volgoneft-228" tanker (Register No. - 089820, Build year - 1972).
During re-equipment such works were made:
• Vessel's reclassification on sea class;
• Sailing region expansion;
• The vessel is fully fitted to International Conventions;
• Cargo carrying capacity and tonnage were increased;
• Operation vessel term was extended.
Initial lightweight was of 1500 tons. Total 600 tons of new hull's constructions were mounted and 300 tons of existing constructions were removed. After re-equipment the vessel has achieved class notation is of M-SP 3.5A (instead of M 2.5 A class) with executing requirements of class KM R2-RSN Oil tanker(ESP).
Vessel cargo part was fully remade; double bottom was raised up to 1110 mm (MARPOL requirement) with saving inclination to CL (easy cleaning of cargo tanks).
The re-equipment project base is idea of usage high (1.5 m) continuous trunk that allows to increase standard of general strength of vessel's hull, cargo holds' capacity, tonnage in accordance with International Load Lines Convention.
Previous upper deck was dismounted as the most loaded element that worked out its fatigue resource. Trunk deck with outside framing was mounted instead of an old upper deck. This mount essentially increased endurance of this construction (which is the most important one with the view to the main hull strength).
Moment of inertia increase without bottom thickness increase allowed to increase bottom moment of resistance for 1.54 times. Actual limit moment of resistance increase (due to section) in 1.5-1.7 times.
Forecastle height default was eliminated due to rising of forecastle deck with all equipment on it.
New transverse bulkheads on 34, 67, 133, 166, 169 frames were mounted, that allow to execute requirements of MARPOL Regulation 26 (due to max tank length).
Other constructions were subject of repair.
Water ballast tanks were organized as follows: NN 9 (34-67fr PS), 10 (34-67fr SS), 25 (67-100fr PS), 26 (67-100fr SS), 11 (133-169fr PS), 12 (133-169fr SS), 13 (100-133fr PS) 14 (100-133 SS). Slop-tank was equipped. Rise of catwalk bridge was taken place (and its equipment with shelter-places).
After re-equipment the vessel has next technical characteristics:
Overall length - 132.60 m;
Length between perpendiculars - 128.60 m;
Breadth - 16.50 m;
Depth - 5.50 m;
Cargo tanks capacity - 7054 m³;
Sea draught - 4.46 m;
Deadweight when sea draught is of 4.46 m - 6650 t;
Deadweight when river draught is of 3.60 m - 4776 t;
Main engines capacity - 2 x 736 kWt;
Gross tonnage - 4 111;
Net tonnage - 1 974;
Crew consists of 15 persons.
Re-equipped tanker "Volgoneft-228" of 1577 prj. has technical and economic indices that significantly exceed vessel's ones before re-equipment (cargo load carrying capacity increased in 1.3 times, cargo carrying capacity increased in 1.24 times and standard of strength increased in 1.5-1.7 times) that allows her to be operated in the conditions of the river-sea going and sea transportations, including Black, Azov, Mediterranean Seas.