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16.04.09 19:22
Shipyard "Moryak" completed bunkering vessel "Hilda" re-equipment

Rostov shipyard "Moryak" (Leonid Radchenko is a director) completed bunkering vessel "Hilda" (DW 1096 t) re-equipment due to MARPOL requirements.
Novorossiysk Fuel Company is a shipowner (Sergey Kravchenko is a fleet director). Valeriy Ivanov managed modernization works.
Re-equipment project was issued by Marine Engineering Bureau.
Double sides was mounted and other double bottom constructions were modernized at tanker "Hilda" (IMO 8857590) for fulfillment of Regulation 21 of MARPOL Annex I.
Rule 21 is applied for oil tankers with the deadweight of 600 tons and more, that transport heavy sorts independently of vessel's delivery date and not later than anniversary of vessel's delivery comes true in 2008.
It means that "legal" sea operation of existing tankers without double hull with deadweight less than 5000 tons that transport oil and oil products of heavy sorts (with viscosity more than 0.9 tons per sq. m) was allowed by convention only up to anniversary of their delivery in 2008.
"Hilda" was built in Turkey in 1983.
After modernization tanker achieved RS class
KM R3 Oil tanker (>60°C) (ESP) with sailing region as follows:
• Black Sea, 20-miles zone from port of Sochi till poet of Caucasus, including ports of Novorossiysk, Caucasus, Tuapse, Sochi;
• Azov Sea.
Main characteristics of the vessel "Hilda" after re-equipment are as follows:
• Overall length is of 72.605 m;
• length between perp. of 66.15 m;
• Breadth is of 9.20 m;
• Depth is of 4.32 m;
• Draught (summer freeboard) is of 3.678 m;
• Displacement for summer freeboard draught is of 1780 t;
• Deadweight is of 1096 tons;
• Ballast draught is of 2.72 m;
• Cargo tanks capacity is of 1344 cub. m;
• Cargo tanks number is of 10;
• Ballast tanks capacity is off 633 cub.m;
• Main engines capacity is of 853 kW;
• Gross tonnage is of 792;
• Net tonnage is of 360.
Two cargo pumps are installed in the pump room in order to carry out cargo operations.
Cargo tanks Nos. 1 & 2 are intended for diesel fuel oil transportation. Cargo pump No.1 (capacity is of 90 cub.m/h while head is of 0.9 MPa) serves these tanks.
Cargo tanks Nos. 3 - 10 are intended for heavy fuel oil transportation. Cargo pump No.2 (capacity is of 150 cub.m/h while head is of 0.9 MPa) serves these tanks.
Cargo system is able to discharge cargo for both sides.
56 tons of new constructions were mounted and 100 tons of existing constructions were replaced as a result of modernization.
Main aim of modernization is providing bunkering not only by diesel oil but also by masouts. Secondary aim was an extending of vessel's life term for 10 years (as minimum).