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04.04.09 15:22
Fourth ice category bulk-carrier of BC14 project was put into operation on Chinese Shipyard

On March 31, 2009 on "Cxengxi Shipyard" (China, Jiangsu province, JianYyin city) celebrations due to putting into operation the fourth unrestricted sailing region bulk-carrier with deadweight about 23700 tons and ice category (Arc4) of BC14 project for Murmansk Steamship Company (MSC) took place.
Bulk-carrier's name is "NOVAYA ZEMLYA".
Vessel's project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (conceptual design, calculated, general-projected and hull parts of classification project) and China Design University (equipment, rigging and workshop drawings). Main engine is a low-speed diesel engine (was built on Bryansk Engineering Facory).
According to information from MSC media service, in this day the State Flag of Russian Federation was raised and vessel christening ceremony was taken place with participation of priest from the Russian Orthodox Church (due to accepted in company traditions). There were representatives of Russian diplomatic corps in PRC, representatives of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, MSC chiefs and Chinese Shipyard chiefs on solemn ceremony.
As was marked on ceremony of Russian flag raising, while many companies in Russia (due to economic crisis) are optimizing their costs by dismissing workers, MSC is creating new high-tech work places. MSC executes missions and trends which were planned by the President of Russian Federation - Dmitriy Medvedev and the Chairman of Russian Federation Government - Vladimir Putin).
Vessel was registered into Russian International Vessels' Registry (flag is of Russian Federation).
Building number is of CX4228. RS number is of 080293. IMO number - 9549281.
Register documents for vessel were issued out on March 24, 2009.
Vessel's overall length is of 180.50 m, breadth is of 22.86 m, depth is of 13.50 m, summer freeboard draught is of 9.91 m.
Vessel has 7 holds, double bottom and double sides. She is assigned for transportation bulk, grain, general cargoes, un-liquefied ore concentrate and dangerous goods of 1, 1.4S, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 classes of IMDG Code and cargoes of category B of BC Code.
BC14 prj. vessel's Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation is of KM Arc4 AUT1 bulk carrier BC-A (ESP).
Summarized capacity of cargo holds is of 25440 cubic m. Deadweight is of 23700 tons. Container capacity is 512 TEU.
Main engine 6S 50MC-C is of low-speed diesel engine type with capacity of 9480 kWt. The engine was built on Bryansk Engineering Factory in 2007. The engine's fuel is of profit-proved heavy fuel classes (masout).
Cruising speed is of 15.2 kn. Sailing distance is of 9000 miles.
The keel of vessel "NOVAYA ZEMLYA" was laid down on 06.08.08. She was put into operation on 24.03.09.
Nowadays three BC14 prj. vessels of OJSC "MSC" are being operated: "Grumant" (vessel was put into operation on 25.08.06), "Pomorye" (vessel was put into operation on 30.07.07) and "Zapolyarye" (vessel was put into operation on 20.08.08).