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09.03.09 16:48
Final consultation due to results of design of multifunction 25 MWt power arctic ice-breaker

FSUC "ROSMORPORT" carried out enlarged final consultation due results of design of multifunction 25 MWt power arctic ice-breaker at the conference-hall of State Maritime Academy named to Admiral S.O.Makarov on the March 5, 2009.
List of participants is as follows: head deputy of Marine and River Transport Federal Agency Igor Zakharov, head deputy of FSUC "ROSMORPORT" Gennadiy Kuz'min, head of Fleet's building and repair Department of FSUC "ROSMORPORT" Vladimir Shtrambrant, more than 40 leading specialists of ice researches including designers, scientists, manufacturers, FSUC "ROSMORPORT" operative stuff; design bureaus that are dealing with vessel's design (DCB "Petrobalt" - the main designer, ILS OY Company, Marine Engineering Bureau); groups of research and scientific organizations that provide scientific support of the project (Central Maritime Scientific Research Institute named to Academic Krylov, Maritime Scientific Research Institute (CNII MF), Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research Institute (AANII), St. Petersburg Waterways University), Head office of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, St. Petersburg Marine port Administration, manufacturers of principal equipment for ice-breaker (Transas, WARTSILA, Lamor), DCB "Vympel", others.
Vladimir Shtramband opened the consultation. He informed about actual positions due to vessel's design plan. also he spoke about position of FSUC "ROSMORPORT" due necessity of providing ability of ice-breaker to fulfill additional works during operation after her building completing and forwarding to customer. One of the questions described by Mr. Shtramband was organization of cooperation between project participations and consultants. Mr. Shtramband also mentioned about positive role of Rosmoport's supervision group when dealing with project bureaus during developing design decisions.
Head deputy of Rosmorrechflot Igor Zakharov drew attention of consultation participants on necessity of solving the main vessel's task of ice-breaker function. He proposed to learn attentively ideas of all consultation participants, because taking in consideration level of participants one may conclude that this consultations became non-formal (or social) state expert board in the field of ice-passability providing and ice class vessels design.
Report due to main results of development of multifunction 25 MWt power arctic 22600 prj. ice-breaker design was made by DCB "Petrobalt" head Georgiy Taritsa. Report was accompanied by interactive presentation of the designed ice-breaker and her main functions. Head designer speech excited active interest of consultant participators.
MEB general director prof. Gennadiy Egorov marked principal features of new age ice-breakers such as multi functionality, new type propulsion (2 rudder propellers and single screw in CL) that is enough for pointed problems, ice passability and ice manoeuvrability. He said that technical-economic requirements put in the tender documentation due to ice-breaker design are fully fulfilled, so it's possible to complete the project in the nearest time.
Representatives from CNII MF, AANII, ILS OY Company, RMRS, WARTSILA, DCB "Vympel" and LAMOR spoke during discussion due to design decisions that concern new diesel-electric multi function 25 MWt ice-breaker.
It was marked that functional abilities expansion of ice-breakers due to additional equipment arrangement, new technical decisions adoption and giving new features for ice-breakers allows significantly grow their competitiveness and increase demand for this vessels' type during exploitation.
And then, increasing of demand for expansion-abilities ice-breakers will provide them by job. So ice-breakers will became commercial profitable not only for ice conveyance but for some other works as follows:
• towage of large-scale heavy marine objects;
• crew members deliverance to rigs;
• scientific expeditions personal transportation in comfort conditions of living and work onboard vessel; cargoes moving - with usage of helicopters and special equipment;
• investigation of underwater construction of offshore oil rigs with help of ice-breaker's diving complex and small remote control submarine apparatus (SRSA) from it;
• cargo transportation on the vessel's deck;
• cargo handling operations and other works with help of high power crane equipment of ice-breakers (i.g. for preparation and carrying out of underwater pipeline arrangement, during cargoes transportation towards oil rigs, when moving heavy cargoes onto ice and other vessels;
• underwater works including assistance from high capacity crane equipment, SRSA and diving complex;
• oil spill combating works with usage of booms and other oil spill equipment owning by vessel;
• search operations and water depth measuring works with help of side-scan floating sonar device that can be towed by working boat from ice-breaker and carry out hydro acoustic scanning of sea floor.
Participations of consultation gave their project decisions estimations as well as remarks and propositions. Vladimir Shtramband committed to analyze all this ideas to the main designer DCB "Petrobalt". He asked to use this ideas at most possible mode at the final stage of design works.