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06.02.09 15:22
Nevskiy Shipbuilding & Ship-repairing Yard continues building of PV02 prj. runabout craft for VIP passengers

Nevskiy Shipbuilding & Ship-repairing Yard (Schliselburg, Leningrad district) continues building of PV02 prj. runabout craft for VIP passengers.
The steel hull readiness reaches practically 100% on 30.01.09 (see photos).
Main equipment is bought and delivered to the shipyard.
The common vessel's readiness is about 60%.
Vessel is assigned to North-West Shipping Company.
The PV02 project was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
PV02 prj. runabout craft is assigned for pleasure voyages through Russian inland waterways including Ladoga and Onega Lakes also through Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea) with 10 VIP passengers onboard.
The vessel can be operated at sea roughness with wave height no more than 2.5 m with 3% probability.
Design temperature of outdoor air is of +30°C with humidity of 65% in summer and -23°C in winter with humidity of 85%, the water temperature is from +20°C down to 0°C correspondingly.
Vessel is steel, double screw motor ship, with a raked stem and cruiser aft end.
Main engines are located amidship. Passenger cabins are located fore and crew living quarters are located aft.
Vessel's air draught allows to sail under undrawn bridges of St.Petersburg.
The project was designed for RRR class notation of M-PR 2.5 A.
Overall length is of 44.20 m, length (due design draught) is of 40.60 m, overall breadth is of 7.015 m, breadth (due design draught) is of 6.00 m, depth is of 2.50 m, design draught is of 1.50 m, draught (summer freeboard) is of 1.76 m.
For passengers' accommodation there are provided 6 double block-cabins, consisting of a bedroom and an individual sanitary unit.
Sauna compartments are located amidship.
Saloon and promenade deck for passengers' recreation are arranged in the aft superstructure.
There is beam crane for fast speed boat and aquabike launching from the boat deck.
Aft crinoline is equipped by two ladders for passengers decent into the water.
Two fast-speed diesels (main engines) are of 215 kWt each.
Fuel stores are placed in tanks in area of the ER.
Following measures were taken to prevent the environmental pollution in accordance with RRR Rules:
• closed receiving and discharge of the fuel and lub oil through deck bushings; deck bushings are located in special receiving station.
• pans are mounted under fuel pumps, filters and sample valves. Discharge from pans is carried out into oil waste tank;
• pans are mounted under the flanges of fuels and lubricants oils' receiving and delivery and under the flange of bilge waters discharge;
• fuel service tank is provided with overflow pipe;
• store fuel tanks are provided with upper level signaling;
• bilge drying of ER and steering compartment is carried out into bilge tank;
• discharge of vessel's accumulated bilge waters is carried out to coastal facilities through standard flange;
• fuel separation's oil sludge is collected and discharged to coastal facilities through special system;
• armature of drainage system is sealed to prevent piping of the oil-containing waters overboard;
• sewage and domestic waters' systems are of closed type, all these waters from plumbing fixture and scuppers of compartments are forwarded to the sewage tank;
• discharge of sewage waters to coastal and floating tanks is carried out by vessel's equipment through special deck bushing with standard flange;
• pipes and sewage waters' discharge hoses can be flushed out;
• containers with necessary capacity are mounted onboard for gathering of garbage, plastic, food, waste products and oiled rags.
Cruising speed with draught (summer freeboard ) of 1.76 m and 90% MDC is about 12.0 kn.
Two diesel generators (auxiliary power plant) are of 80 kWt each, located in the ER.
Two opened fixed-pitch propellers are cast steel, with 3 blades, with diameter of 1.0 m, with pitch ratio of 1.09 and blade-area ratio of 0.40.
Vessel's fuel and food autonomy is of 5 days.
Sailing distance (with full stores) is about 1500 nautical miles.
Crew consists of 6 persons.
Designed vessel hull's life term is of 15 years.
Steel of vessel's hull is of A and B categories. Vessel's hull is of transverse framing system type. Transverse frame-spacing is of 600 mm in middle and aft parts and 300/450 mm in fore part.
Floors are mounted on every frame-spacing.