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26.12.08 10:12
Tug-boat for Aleksandr Annenkov's shipbuilding company was put into operation

On December 26, 2008 Tug-boat for "UGTRANS TERMINAL Co LIMITED" shipbuilding company (Aleksandr Annenkov is a director) was put into operation.
Tug-boat "Bulbash" of TG03 prj. (building No. is of 003) was built at Kherson shipyard (Nikolay Avdeev is a director).
Sergey Dobryakov (technical directorof the company) supervised vessel's building from customer's side.
Project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Tug-boat is a steel, single-deck, double-screw motorship with upper deck shoulder, with upper deck superstructure and ER located in the middle.
Tug-boat is assigned for canting works in the ports and transport towing within roadstead.
The project was designed for Russian Maritime Register of shipping (RS) class of KM Ice2 R3 (Tug).
Overall length is of 19.80 m, overall breadth is of 7.50 m, loadline breadth is of 7.40 m, depth is of 3.70 m, depth in the region of upper deck shoulder is of 4.40 m.
Towing hook (3T type) of disk type with radial and rail is foreseen as a towing gear (pulling pressure is of 146 kN). It is of electrical- pneumatic control type and can be released from the wheel-house and automatically by 3 characteristics (angle of hook stowage, hook pressure and vessel's list).
Two fast-speed diesels VOLVO PENTA D16 MH HE (main engine) are of 442 kWt each, 1800 rev. per min. Heavy fuel stores are placed in deep-tanks in area of the ER aft bulkhead.
Speed with loadline draught of 3.0 m and 90% MDC is of 10 kn.
Two diesel generators VOLVO PENTA D5HE with capacity 62 kWt each (located in the ER) are used as auxiliary power plant.
Movement and manoeuvrability of the vessel is provided by two fixed-pitch propellers in welded turning nozzles with based in stern frame heel (with removable stabilizers). Screw propeller are cast, steel, with 4 blades, with diameter of 1.7 m.
Sea sailing autonomy is of 6 day.
Crew consists of 3 persons.
Designed vessel hull's life term is of 24 years.
Tug-boat will be operated in the port of Caucasus and will serve rail crossroad where other Aleksandr Annenkov's vessels are operated (25 wagons ferry of 002CNF01 prj. "Petrovsk" and "Annenkov").
Keel of "Bulbash"(building number is 003) was laid down on 26.09.07. She was launched on 16.05.08 and put into operation 26.12.08.
Tug-boat will leave for place of basement (port of Caucasus) on her own on 27.12.08.
Trail ferry "Avangard" (CNF06 prj.) will join the "UGTRANS TERMINAL" fleet when her running test will be completed in Sevastopol.