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01.12.08 10:01
FSUC "ROSMORPORT" carried out consultation due to railway-car-passenger ferry for the line Ust'-Luga - Baltiysk - Zasnits

On Novemer 27, 2008 FSUC "ROSMORPORT" carried out expanded consultation due to basic designing questions concerning marine railway-car-passenger ferry for the line Ust'-Luga - Baltiysk - Zasnits.
Consultation was headed by Igor Zakharov, chief of Marine and River Transport Federal Agency of Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation. He marked the national significance of the ferry-boat, cause she is intended to provide autonomous communications between Kaliningrad region and other RF regions, political and social direction of Baltiysk - Ust'-Luga line.
Several men made statements at meeting, as follows: Vladimir Shtrambrant (head of Fleet's building and repair Department of FSUC "ROSMORPORT"), Vyacheslav Shatalov (general director of OJSC DB "Vympel", vessel's designer), Sergey Milavin (chief designer of ferry's project), Gennadiy Egorov (general director of "Marine Engineering Bureau"). Main characteristics, accepted during working out of technical and operational requirements for designing project of the new ferry-boat, explanation of problems that are solved by ferry line and principal technical features of designing project, main technical characteristics, designed technical offers toward ferry's project and preliminary specifications for project works' approval and continuation were represented at their reports.
It was marked that cargo-passenger ferry of such difficulty is deigned by native engineers for the first time. Vessel will provide transportation of railway wagons (up to 136 tank-wagons of 12.02 m length or 107 cargo wagons with the base of 14.73 m) or 90 trailers of 16.5 m length or up to 600 passenger cars onto 3 cargo decks. At the same time 332 passengers can be placed onboard (292 passengers into 96 economic class cabins and 40 passengers into first class, business class and family class cabins).
Cargo compartments are equipped by devices and systems that allow to transport dangerous goods during voyages without passengers. The vessel can be operated in Gulf of Finland in winter without ice breaker leading due to hull strength and ice category. This feature is principal for operation toward the port of Ust'-Luga.
Offers, remarks and commissions of the consultation's participants will be taken into consideration and will be accepted into further workup during designing works.
For a whole consultation approved materials that were worked out during this phase of designing works and were presented for consideration.
Main vessel's characteristics:
• Overall length is of 200.4 m.
• Length between perpendiculars is of 189.0 m.
• Breadth is of 27.0 m.
• Depth is of 10.0 m.
• Designed draught is of 6.5 m.
• Length of railway tracks is of 1770 m.
• Cargo length of car decks is of 3450 m.
• Cruising speed is of 20 kn.
• Capacity of vessel's power plant is of 2x11600 kWt.
• RS class notation is of KM Arc4 AUT1-ICS OMBO ECO-S Ro-Ro passenger ship.