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12.10.08 19:20
"Armada" type tanker commenced first river-sea voyage with vegetable oil cargo

Tanker "Azery Karabakh" (belongs to Palmali Group of Companies, Mubariz Mansimov is a president) commenced first voyage with vegetable oil cargo on the route from port of Rostov-on-Don to the port of Nowsherkh (Iran) on the 12.10.2008. ETA to Astrakhan is 16.10.2008. 005RST01 prj. vessel is built.
Taganrog is the port of registry.
Vessel's project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
As known, due to revision of the Annex II of MARPOL. As a result the vegetable oils which were concerning earlier to chapter 18 of IBC Code and were transported by ordinary tanker including single-hull ones have been accepted as category Y that are deemed to present a hazard to either marine resources or cause harm to amenities or other legitimate uses of the sea and therefore justify a limitation on the quality and quantity of the discharge into the marine environment.
Therefore since January, 1, 2007 vegetable oils can be transported only by chemical tankers IMO2 or by chemical tankers IMO3 in case of exemption presence and damage stability requirements fulfillment.
Before the voyage vessel received Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class КМ LU1 II А1 oil tanker/chemical tanker IMO 3 (ESP). That allows to transport not only traditional cargoes (such crude oil and oil products) but also vegetable oils.
Vessels satisfy dimensions of the Volga-Don canal and Volga-Baltic way. Overall vessel length is of 138.7 m, breadth is of 16.5 m, depth is of 6.0 m.
Vessel belongs to "Volgo-Don Max" tanker class.
Capacity of six cargo is of 7220 cub. M, deadweight is of 6500 tons with the sea draught of 4.3 m, deadweight is of 4720 tons with the river draught of 3.6 m. Cruising speed is of 11.5 kn.
Two medium-speed diesels (main engine) of 1080 kWt each use heavy fuel oil with viscosity of IFO380.
Tankers of this type are operated on river-sea going transportations of crude oil, masout, diesel oil and other oil-products, and also for sea transportation in Caspian, Black, Mediterranean, Baltic and North Seas, including voyages around of Europe and to Irish Sea in winter.
Using full-circle rudder propellers as movement and manoeuvre facilities, using submersible pumps in cargo and ballast systems, full absence of a framing in cargo tanks are characteristic features vessels of "Armada" type. These vessels have no longitudinal bulkhead in CL.
Vessel's keel was laid down on 23.11.2004, she was launched on 29.05.2005 and put into operation on 30.06.05.