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06.10.08 15:27
Model tests of multifunction small draught 4 MWt salvage vessel for Russian State Sea Salvage Department are completed

Model tests of multifunction small draught 4 MWt salvage vessel (MSV) with high ice class for Black Sea, Azov Sea and Caspian Sea are completed successfully.
MPSV07 prj. was designed due to custom of Maritime and River Fleet Federal Agency of Russian Federation Ministry of Transport.
Designer is Marine Engineering Bureau.
Running, towing and ice tests of MPSV06 prj. were carried out simultaneously in three tests pools:
• in vessels seakeeping ability laboratory at St.Petersburg State Waterways University under direction of Alexander Gofman, professor, Sc. Dr.,
• in test pool of Odessa Maritime National University under direction of Yuriy Vorobyov, professor, Sc. Dr.
• in ice test pool vessels' ice properties department of Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research Institute under direction of Vladimir Likhomanov, Ph.D.
The general coordination of all tests is carried out by Marine Engineering Bureau colleagues, namely Nikolay Avtutov, Technical director deputy and project's leading designer, and Igor Davydov, senior scientific researcher, Ph.D.
Staff of ice technique and vessels' ice properties laboratory from Central Maritime Scientific Research Institute under direction of Loliy Tsoy, professor, Sc. Dr. actively took part in MCV conception formation and tests running.
Multifunction salvage vessel of MPSV07 prj. has high ice class, ice-breaker stem and cruiser aft end, enlarged double-tier forecastle and living quarters located fore. Vessel also has diesel-electric power station with ER located in the middle part of hull, two full-circle rudder propellers and bow thrusters. Her main particulars are as follows:
• Length overall - about 73.0 m.
• Length due waterline - 64.4 m.
• Breadth overall - about 16,6m.
• Breadth (due waterline) - 15.5 m.
• Design draught - 4.5 m.
• Working draughts - 4.0-5.1 m.
• Full speed - 15 kn.
• Autonomy - 20 days.
• Bollard pull - about 67 t.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class is of КМ Arc 5 AUT1-ICS OMBO FF3WS DYNPOS-2 EPP Salvage ship.
Multifunction salvage vessels of MPSV07 prj are going to be built in accordance with Federal Program "Development of Russian Federation transport system in 2010-2015". These vessels are to carry out operations as follows:
• patrolling and emergency salvage duty at the navigation regions, fishing regions, oil and gas marine recovery regions;
• give technical support and help in the regions dangerous for navigation and marine products catching, servicing of terminal transport operations;
• search and help operations for vessels;
• search, salvage, evacuation operations for people, rendering medical aid for people;
• taking emergency vessels off groundings and reefs, pumping out vessels' flooded spaces;
• towage of emergency vessels and objects to the place of refuge, also fulfillment marine towage of vessels and floating objects, including ice towages;
• fulfillment of marine salvage operations, including in ice conditions;
• give assistance in fire combating on floating objects and coastal ones accessible from seaside;
• rear and technical service, including underwater diving works at the depth till 60 m, and carrying out deep-sea diving works at the depth up to 300 m;
• fire-extinguishing of burning oil on water surface, elimination of marine oil spills, including oils with flashpoint less than 60 degr.C.;
• survey and cleaning underwater hull part of vessels, floating and coastal objects;
• investigation of sea floor and damaged objects when depth is less than 1000 m.
Vessel is equipped with diesel-electric propulsion gear that included 4 diesel-generators with summarized capacity of 5.48 MWt and 2 AC propulsion motors which provide operation of 2 full-circle rudder propellers with power of 2.0 MWt on each screw. Rudder propellers are equipped with fixed pitch propellers (diameter is of 2.6 m) without nozzles.
Vessel is equipped with 2 bow thrusters of "screw within tube" type with capacity of 995 kWt each. Bow thrusters together with rudder propellers provide satisfying to DYNPOS-2 requirements.
Marine towage operations are provided by with aft located towage winch with pull effort of 70 t, and by towing hook (working load about 70 t) with automatic and remote relase.
Vessel is equipped with high speed rescue boat for salvage party and salvage supply deliverance and for people collecting on the water surface.
Marine evacuate system is foreseen for people salvage from water surface. More over vessel is equipped with special life raft for rising people from water and with special net for mass people collecting on the water surface.
Two container placed diving complexes are foreseen:
• for works at the water depth up to 60 m (with underwater TV apparatus, underwater cutting and welding equipment);
• deep-sea diving complex for depth up to 300 m.
Vessel is equipped with set of oil spill combating gauges. This set includes onboard trawl system, 2 brush type skimmers, 2 boom complexes of 250 m length each and 2 boom-handling boats.
Vessel is equipped with fire-fighting equipment for combating with fire on another vessels in accordance with requirements of symbol FF3 at class notation. Water curtain and spraying systems are also foreseen.
Places for receiving cargoes from helicopter are foreseen in the fore and aft ends. Also suffered men can be forwarded onboard helicopter.
Side-scan sonar device is foreseen onboard the vessel.
Roll damping device (intering tank stabilization system) based on liquid ousting by compressed air is foreseen for improving dwelling parameters.
2 knuckle boom cranes with outreach of 15.0 m and lifting capacity of 20 t are foreseen for lowering and lifting of boats, diving equipment and handling of oil spill combating equipment.
Four multifunction salvage vessels of MPSV07 prj are going to be built in accordance with Federal Program "Development of Russian Federation transport system in 2010-2015".