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25.09.21 11:11
The RSD04L project multi-purpose dry cargo vessel "Dremora 2" arrived in Reni with its design cargo, confirming the effectiveness of the lengthening

On September 23, 2021, the multi-purpose dry cargo vessel "Dremora 2" of RSD04L project arrived to the port of Reni, having delivered the first batch of large-size equipment for the second stage of Dniester Wind Farm (WPP), having once again proved the efficiency of the lengthening.
The vessel's shipment amounted to 1.02 thousand tonnes of equipment.
The RSD04L design lengthened by 24.05 m to provide the dimensions of the second hold suitable for carrying project and oversized cargo - 54.6 x 12.7 x 8.0 m.
The customer is the shipping company Albros (CEO Raim Alekperov).
The 003RSD04/ALB03 Dremora 2 was built in 2009 in Gelibolu, Turkey, by Aksoy Shipyard based on the design of the Maritime Engineering Bureau.
The main objective of the 24.05 m length extension of the vessel under the RSD04L project is to increase deadweight at lower drafts (3.8-4.5 m), which are typical for the ports of the Azov and Caspian seas. The weight of the inserts together with the covers is 304 tonnes.
Deadweight at 4.50 m draught increased to 4772 tonnes from 3442 tonnes - up by 1330 tonnes (!!!), at 4.20 m draught to 4289 tonnes from 3054 tonnes - up by 1235 tonnes (!!!). Deadweight at 4.92 m draft to 5457 tonnes from 3945 tonnes (plus 1512 tonnes).
After the RSD04L modernisation, the vessel is now in the class of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping - KM Ice3 (hull; power at d = 4.55 m) Ice2 (power) R2-RSN AUT3.
Overall length 114.2 metres, width 15.6 metres, depth 6.80 metres.
The capacity of the ballast tanks is 2.370 cubic metres.
The vessel's two holds with a total capacity of 7.867 cubic metres (2.381 cubic metres more than the original value) are box-shaped, smooth-walled and convenient for cargo handling and stowage without shifting.
The large hold (N 2) measures 54.6 m x 12.7 m x 8.0 m and the second hold (N 1) measures 25.35 m x 12.7 m x 8.0 m.
The long hold allows non-standard cargo items to be transported smoothly from any European port or port in the Gulf region via inland waterways to the Caspian Sea.
Container capacity increased to 191 TEU (151 in holds and 40 on covers).
The vessel is fitted with removable hatch covers ("Lift-away"). The hatch closure sections are operated by using a gantry crane, which travels on rails mounted on the cargo hatch coamings flange.
A single-shaft 1850 kW unit with controllable pitch propeller and shaft generator.
Increasing the length to width ratio allowed the vessel to maintain fuel consumption and speed with the same main engine. The lead vessel showed a speed of 11.7 knots on sea trials. Operational speed was 11.0 knots.
Crew 12 people, sleeping places 13.