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02.09.21 19:09
Two "double-hulled" river-sea navigation barges of project ROB07 with a 4400 DWT of the Lena Shipping Company are successfully operating on the NSR

According to the press service of LORP, tug Pak, operating in the western direction of the Northern Sea Route, delivered from Arkhangelsk to Anabar without incidents two "double-hulled" oil barges of mixed river-sea navigation of ROB07 project "MN-4001" and "MN-4002" with 7 thousand tons of oil products destined for Yuryung-Haya, breaking through the hummocky ice in the Vilkitski Strait area. The convoy left Arkhangelsk on 7 August.
The oil barges MN-4001 and MN-4002 were built by LLC "Nobel Brothers Shipyard" based on the design ROB07 by the Marine Engineering Bureau for the needs of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and delivered to the customer: the first vessel on 8 September 2017 and the second on 19 June 2018.
The customer is PJSC "Lenskoye United River Shipping Company" (General Director Sergey Larionov).
The Lenskoye United River Shipping Company is one of the leading transport and production enterprises not only in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), but also in the North-East of the country as a whole, and has been added to the list of strategic companies in Yakutia and to the list of strategic companies in Russia.
The barges of the ROB07 project, built by the "Nobel brothers' shipyard", provide for simultaneous transportation of two grades of cargo, which makes it much easier and faster to deliver cargo to hard-to-reach areas of the Sakha Republic and other northern regions of Russia.
Most consumers require diesel, jet fuel, paraffin, gas condensate (as boiler fuel) as well as crude oil (also as fuel for boilers), gasoline, methanol. As a rule, these are liquid cargoes with a flash point of up to or around 60 degrees.
The design of the new project ROB07 took into account the requirements of the international MARPOL Convention and the special requirements of Russian and global oil companies. The vessels have a second bottom and second side and are designed to carry oil and petroleum products without restrictions on the flash point of the cargo.
The concept was developed in accordance with the results of the research "Development of conceptual designs of specialised tankers and dry cargo ships for guaranteed delivery of cargoes to the Arctic regions of Russia", performed by the Marine Engineering Bureau for the Federal Agency of Marine and River Transport of the Russian Federation under the Federal Target Program "Development of Civil Marine Engineering" for 2009-2016".
Class of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping KE R2-RSN Oil tanker (ESP).
The hull of the barge is reinforced for the ice class "Ice1".
Vessels of ROB07 project meet the track conditions of the Lena basin, as well as the dimensions of the Volga-Don Shipping Canal and the Volga-Baltic Way under the condition of working with the existing pusher tugs. Overall length is 95.23 m, overall width is 16.8 m, and side height is 5.0 m.
The twelve cargo tanks and two slop tanks have a capacity of 4670 cubic metres, with a deadweight of 4403 tonnes and a draft of 3.60 metres.
A containerised diesel generator set is provided to power the cargo pumps and auxiliary machinery.
Diesel generator capacity of 350 kW, parking diesel generator capacity of 6.4 kW. Cargo system designed for simultaneous transport of two grades of cargo, capacity of cargo pumps - 5 x 150 m³/h.
The keel of the lead vessel of project ROB07 "MN-4001" (construction number 03001) was laid down on 10.07.12. She was launched on 04.10.16 and accepted for operation on 08.09.17.
The keel of the second vessel "MN-4002" (construction number 03002) was laid down on 19.10.12. She was launched on 06.07.17 and accepted for operation on 19.06.18.