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28.08.21 10:24
The dry cargo vessel "Karelis-71" with a deadweight of 6,917 tonnes, lengthened by 32.5 m according to the RSD03L project, started her maiden voyage

The multipurpose 6.917-tonne dry cargo vessel "Karelis-71" from Gisan Altinova Shipyard (Yalova, Turkey), lengthened by 32.5 m according to the RSD03L project, set out for her maiden voyage on 27 August 2021 after her modernization.
The vessel "Karelis-71" of project 005RSD03 was built in 2006 at the Onega shipyard according to the project of the Marine Engineering Bureau.
The main task of lengthening by 32.5 m under the RSD03L project is to increase the deadweight at lower drafts (3.8-4.5 m), which are typical for the ports of the Azov and Caspian Seas. After modernization, the vessel "Karelis-71" in accordance with the classification adopted by the Bureau will belong to the class "Volgo-Don max".
Weight with insert plates - 425 tons.
Deadweight with a draft of 4.20 m will increase to 6332 tons from 4457 tons - by 1875 tons, with a river draft of 3.60 m - up to 4803 tons from 3307 tons - by 1496 tons.
Deadweight with a draft of 4.46 m due to summer waterline will be 6917 tons (an increase of 2017 tons compared to the deadweight with a draft of 4.46 m and 1450 tons compared to the deadweight with a draft of 4.792 m of the initial vessel).
After modernization according to the RSD03L project, the vessel will receive the class of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping - KM Ice2 (hull; machinery) R2-RSN(4.5) AUT3 BWM(T).
Overall length 140.87 m, width 16.5 m, depth 5.50 m.
The capacity of ballast tanks is 3471 cubic meters. In the area of the newly installed insert plate, new ballast units are made in the double bottom and double sides, similar to the existing ones.
All three holds with a total capacity of 11227 cubic meters (3394 cubic meters more than the original vessel) are box-shaped, smooth-walled, convenient for carrying out cargo operations and placing cargo without stitching. Dimensions of cargo holds are 26.55 x 12.70 m (hold N1), 59.80 x 12.70 m (hold N2) and 21.45 x 12.70 m (hold N3) at a height of 8.3 m.
The long hold, which was not on the original vessel, will allow non-transshipment of non-standard cargo packages from any European port or port in the Persian Gulf region along inland waterways to the Caspian Sea.
Container capacity increased to 324 TEU (225 TEU on the original vessel).
Hatch covers of "removable" type.
Maximum longtime power of the main engine is 2 x 1020 kW.
An increase in the length-to-width ratio of the vessel will make it possible to almost completely maintain fuel consumption and speed with the same main engines. Operating speed 10.0 knots.
Crew consists of 9 persons (11 places).