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23.08.21 15:31
The second pilot boat of the BLV03 project, "Vsevolod Peresypkin", is launched

On 23 August 2021, the second ice-class pilot boat of the BLV03 project, "Vsevolod Peresypkin", was launched at the A.M. Gorky Shipyard in Zelenodolsk.
The customer is the "Directorate of the State Customer of Maritime Transport Development Programmes of Rosmorrechflot of the Ministry of Transport of Russia".
The designer is the Marine Engineering Bureau.
Vessels of the BLV03 project are named after prominent transport scientists who for several decades headed scientific and engineering centres of the maritime industry - Alexander Fokeevich Parfenov (Lenmorniiproekt) and Vsevolod Ilyich Peresypkin (TsNIIMF).
The BLV03 project pilot boats are being built as part of the Federal Targeted Northern Sea Route Project under Rosatom State Corporation's programme for the construction and modernisation of the hydrographic fleet for the FSUE Hydrographic Enterprise.
Ice3 ice-class vessels of BLV03 project are intended for placing and maintaining navigational equipment; delivering navigational equipment and radio-equipment, specialists, supplies and property to onshore objects, as well as for other activities and works within the hydrographic support of merchant shipping in the waters of the Northern Sea Route.
BLV03 is to be used for work in the waters of Northern Sea Route ports to ensure navigational safety and the development of port infrastructure.
"Vsevolod Peresypkin" is a steel single-deck self-propelled pilot boat of limited R1 navigation area, with two full-turn propeller-rudder columns, with forecastle and aftercastle, with aft arrangement of engine room and deck-house, with a bow hold and cargo crane, with a free fore working deck allowing simultaneous accommodation of 4 buoy BMBL-78 with anchor devices.
The main dimensions of the BLV03 project vessel:
Length overall - 35.0 m;
Length between PP - 30.66 m;
Breadth overall (with fenders) - 10.60 m;
Breadth scantlings - 9.70 m;
Depth - 3.50 m;
Draught DWL (work) - 2.50 m;
SLWL draught - 2.68 m;
Deadweight at DWL - 577 t;
Deadweight at SWL - 628 t;
Deadweight at 2.50 metres draft is about 139 tonnes;
Deadweight at 2.68 metres draft is about 190 tonnes;
Maximum continuous DG power (at least) - 2 x 895 kW;
Speed at 2.5 m draught with 85% MDM - 12 knots.
External communication equipment complies with IMO and Flag State requirements for GMDSS areas, A1, A2, A3, A4.
Propulsion and steering of the vessel is provided by two aft full-turn fixed pitch propellers with no nozzles.
The propeller/steering system is controlled from the wheelhouse from the vessel's control room and emergency control from the engine room.
The vessel's structure is strengthened with Ice Class 3 ice reinforcements.
An electro-hydraulic cargo crane with a lifting capacity of 5 tonnes and an outreach of 8.0 metres is provided to enable the vessel to perform its main functions of removing, setting and maintaining navigational buoys.
Anchors are dropped from the deck when buoys are deployed by onboard hydraulic tipping lifts of 1800x1500 mm with a working load of 3 tonnes.
An auxiliary winch is provided on the main deck for buoy pulling and chain ejection with a capacity of 6 tonnes with a holding brake of 10 tonnes.
For the maintenance of the floating navigational marks, a working 6-seater boat of 5 metres in length and a speed of 10 knots is provided.
The hold with a capacity of 159 cubic metres is closed by a flush hatch closure on the main deck with a dimension of about 2800x2800 mm in clear view. The design load on the hatch closure is 2.5 tonnes/sq.m.
The vessel is equipped with two bow anchors, each weighing 765 kg.
Fuel, oil and provisions autonomy for 15 days.
The vessel has a crew of 10 and special personnel of 4.
The command crew is accommodated in single cabins with individual toilets, while the rest of the crew and special staff are accommodated in cabins with bathrooms.
Living and working quarters are located in the aft deckhouse and in the superstructure of the quarterdeck. The wheelhouse is designed with all-round visibility.
The keel of lead vessel of the project BLV03 "Aleksandr Parfenov" was laid down on 25.10.19. She was launched on 23.08.21.
The keel of the second vessel "Vsevolod Peresypkin" was laid down on 25.10.19. Launched on 23.08.21.