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23.08.21 15:30
Marine Engineering Bureau congratulates colleagues from the Marine Rescue Service on their 65th anniversary

Sixty-five years ago, on 23 August 1956, in accordance with Decree No. 5128-r of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, it was decided to establish a maritime rescue service.
Under this order, the operation of ship-lifting and underwater technical works for all civil agencies was transferred to a new service within the USSR Ministry of Maritime Fleet. Over the many years of its existence, the Marine Rescue Service has undergone a number of structural and organisational changes, as a result of which, today, the Marine Rescue Service is part of the Federal Maritime and River Transport Agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and has under its authority the Main Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre which is responsible for the organisation and coordination of search and rescue of people in distress at sea in search and rescue areas of the Russian Federation, and twelve branches, organised on the basis of the Basin Rescue Boards.
In its 65-year history, the Maritime Rescue Service has carried out many unique operations, introduced the latest equipment and launched dozens of vessels. Today the organization continues to replenish the fleet with new equipment. As in former times, the Maritime Rescue Service remains a reliable and responsible partner to the maritime industry in key areas of activity.
Marine Engineering Bureau since 2008 has been designing a whole "line" of modern concept vessels for Marine Rescue Service (MPSV06, MPSV07, MPSV12, IBSV02) with power from 4 to 18 MW for different areas and operation conditions, and some smaller sea diving support vessels prj. SDS08, multipurpose diving catamarans prj. SDS18, and also some other projects (offshore tugboats with fire-fighting function, prj. TG17, supply vessels of prj. DCV61, non-self-propelled floating berth of prj. SB02).
To date, since 2010, 16 salvage vessels built according to the designs by the Marine Engineering Bureau have been accepted for operation from industry as part of the Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot's salvage fleet, including:
• the MPSV06 project multi-purpose rescue and salvage vessel, a 7MW icebreaker of the "Beringov proliv" type - 2 units;
• 4 MW multi-purpose salvage vessel "Rescuer Karev" of MPSV07 project - 4 units;
• multi-purpose rescue and salvage vessel - 5.2 MW tug of MPSV12 project "Bakhtemir" - 3 units;
• multi-purpose sea diving vessel of "Stolny Grad Yaroslavl" project SDS08 type - 4 units;
• "Igor Ilyin" multi-purpose offshore diving vessel-catamaran of the SDS18 project - 1 unit;
• fire tug with power of 1200 kW "Penay" project TG17 - 1 unit;
• SB02 non-self-propelled floating berth - 1 unit.
The Marine Rescue Service is actively using the new vessels for rescue operations as well as in numerous exercises at various levels in all sea basins.
Dear colleagues, happy anniversary to you!