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02.08.21 22:01
DCB26 dimensional modernization of the limited-area dry bulk barges MP-2807 and MP-2811 is completed

On 18 June 2021, the DCB26 dry cargo barge MP-2811, with deadweight of 1.682 tonnes, was put into service, and on 2 July 2021, the dry cargo barge MP-2807, with deadweight of 1.590 tonnes, was put into service.
The DCB26 modernization was done at the Amur Shipping Company's REB.
The customer is the Amur shipping company.
The main purpose of the modernization was to improve the vessel's class. After modernization and reduction of the barge length by 24 m, the vessel was given a class by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping K R2.
Main dimensions after modernization: overall length 77.8 m, width 16.5 m, depth 2.80 m. Summer draught 1.863 m. Cargo deck size 60 m x 13.1 m.
The main purpose of the DCB26 modernized barges is to transport general and bulk cargo, including metal products, scrap metal, grain, timber, logs and lumber, building materials, paper, as well as bulky and heavy cargo.
Allowable load on deck from evenly distributed cargo - 2.0 t/m². Load from wheeled equipment is 8.0 t per axle. Allowable deck load from tracked machinery is 10 t/m? within the footprint, with a unit weight not more than 50.0 t.