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25.07.21 22:14
The Admiralty Shipyards launches third 108-metre large-capacity trawler-processor of ST-192 project "Mekhanik Sizov"

On 25 July 2021, JSC Admiralty Shipyards launched the third 108-metre-long large-capacity trawler - processor of the ST-192 project, Mekhanik Sizov (construction number 02482). The vessel was laid down on 30.06.2020.
Photo source - Russian Fishery Company's Youtube channel.
A total of ten trawlers of the ST-192 project have been ordered. The customer is the Russian Fishery Industry Company.
The technical design of ST-192 was developed by the Marine Engineering Bureau. The WCD was developed by the Vympel Design Bureau.
Main aim of the vessel is catching pelagic and near-bottom pelagic type fish, also manufactory of frozen production during the voyage; with full cycle of take processing onboard vessel directly.
The main types of catching fish: Alaska Pollack, Herring, Mackerel.
The main types of production: decapitate and drawn fish, filleted fish, Alaska Pollack caviar (frozen), surimi, also fishmeal and fish oil.
Production storage is provided in the main refrigerating hold (capacity 4250 m³) after processing and freezing. Fishmeal and other frozen production are stored in 2 holds (capacity 400 and 600 m³). Also 300 m³ hold is foreseen for storage of carrying carton, fish meal and other production.
Storage of fish oil is provided by 2 tanks of 100 m³ summarized capacity made from food stainless steel.
The vessel is equipped for work with single trawl.
The vessel's general particulars are as follows:
Length overall is about 108.2 m;
Breadth is 21.0 m;
Depth up to main deck is 8.35 m;
Depth up to trawl deck is 11.55 m;
Maximal aft draught is 8.99 m.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class notation is KM IA Super (hull) Ice 3 (power) AUT 1 REF BWM (T) Fishing vessel.
Assumed vessel's operational areas are as follows: eastern coast of Russian Federation, Bering Sea, Sea of Okhotsk and adjusted regions.
Vessel's hull strengthen in accordance with requirements of Finnish-Swedish ice class IA Super.
Design vessel's speed 15 kn is provided by single 8120 kW main diesel that drives controllable pitch propeller in fixed nozzle.
Manoeuvrability, including at low speed with trawl, is provided by single steering complex (rotor type steering gear + ruder with flap).
950 kW bow thruster is foreseen to improve manoeuvrability at low speed.
Work of vessel's power plant is provided by two diesel-generators (1880 and 1460 kW) and also by shaft-generator (4126 kW). Besides, emergency diesel-generator (240 kW) is foreseen.
Vessel's hull, super-structure and wheel-house are made from steel; high-strength wearproof grade like D690 and Hardox 450 are used for trawl deck. Except paining, applied current system is used as corrosion protection for underwater hull. Moreover, zinc sputtering (metallization) is foreseen for outer and inner surfaces of constructions that are subject to influence of aggressive environment.
Two cranes are foreseen for work during marine fishing, as follows: 8 t one of 17 m outreach (in the middle) and 8 t one of 8 m outreach (in aft).
Fore and aft gantries with cargo double 5 t derricks are foreseen for marine cargo transferring.
Shipping equipment (trawl systems), anchor-mooring mechanisms and winches of cargo derricks are bought together with automatic control systems.
Fully equipped fish processing system provides water pumping through refrigerated fish tanks, sorting, processing, freezing, packing, storage and unloading of production. production freezing will be carried out in horizontal automatic plate freezers of summarized capacity 260 t/day.
Equipment for surimi production with separate laboratory is foreseen, it capacity is 80 t/day. There is also fish meal plant with daily processing of 250 t of raw material.
Transportation of prepared production and packaging material through the vessel is carried out with help of two cargo elevators and special cargo conveyor within freezing holds.
Arrangement of 40 crewmembers is provided at comfortable single or double cabins, and factory staff (max. 99 people) is arranged at single, double or four-bed cabins.
Onboard the vessel there are separate mess-rooms for officers and other crew with self-service zone, crew recreation room, all necessary medical, sanitary-common and sanitary-hygienic rooms in accordance with requirements of Sanitary Regulations for Fishing Vessels. Additionally, there is cinema hall, sport complex including the gym, saunas.
Passive roll damping system is foreseen for providing comfortable conditions at non-fully loading conditions. Diesel oil is used as working liquid in the roll damping system.
The vessel is completed by radio and navigation equipment in accordance with vessel's class and accepted navigation area, also by complex of specialized trawl equipment including sliding fish-finding sonars and trawl parameters control system.
The keel of the head vessel (for Admiralty shipyards) ST-192 m/v "Kapitan Vdovichenko" (building No. 02480) was laid 23.01.2019. She was launched on 27.03.2020.
The keel of the second vessel "Mehanik Maslak" (building No. 02481) was laid 08.04.2019. She was launched on 23.06.2020.
The keel of the third vessel "Mehanik Sizov" (building No. 02482) was laid 30.06.2020. She was launched on 25.07.2021.
The keel of the fourth vessel "Kapitan Martynov" (building No. 02483) was laid 05.08.2020.
The keel of the fifth vessel "Kapitan Yunak" (building No. 02484) was laid 05.06.2021.