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03.05.21 13:12
The newest large-tonnage trawler-factory of the project KMT01 "Barencevo More" of SZRK has begun production of fish

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Trade of the Arkhangelsk Region, the newest large tonnage trawler-factory of the KMT01 project "Barencevo More" of the Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet has begun production of fish.
The Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet, part of the SZRK, was the first in Russia to have commissioned a large-capacity trawler-processor of the KMT01 "Barencevo More" project, which was built for the first time in the last 30 years.
According to the colleagues from the SZRK, the very first days of fishing have shown noticeable advantages of the new concept in terms of productivity in comparison with old vessels operating alongside.
Builder - Vyborg shipyard (general director Alexander Solovyov).
Totally 4 KMT01 trawlers were ordered at the Vyborg Shipyard.
Concept design developed by Skipsteknisk. The technical design of KMT01 was developed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
The acceptance certificate for the head 86-meter aft freezing processor trawler of the KMT01 project "Barencevo More" (building number 935) was signed on September 8, 2020.
It is equipped with a trawl system of the latest generation (working with a single trawl and with two trawls at the same time), which allows it to catch bottom and pelagic fish species (cod and haddock, as well as sea bass and catfish) and shrimp in various fishing areas.
This is a trawler with equipment for the production of frozen products (100 tons), fillets (40 tons), fish oil, fish meal (60 tons) and a cannery (caviar, cod liver, etc., 5 thousand cans), capable of processing up to 160 tons of fish per day.
After processing and freezing, the catch is stored in a freezing hold with a capacity of about 2500 cubic meters. Fishmeal is stored in a separate hold with a capacity of about 350 cubic meters.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class notation is - KM Ice3 AUT1 (REF) Fishing Vessel.
The ice class of the trawler allows it to fish in any latitude of the Northern Basin.
Variable frequency 50/60 Hz gives new possibilities:
1. The system is designed to be able to use the main engine speed, reduced compared to the standard one, in the trawl operation mode. The main principle is to achieve efficient use of the propeller characteristics at reduced diesel speeds with a higher efficiency of the entire propulsion plant in a limited combinatorial control mode, and thereby save fuel.
2. Because in limited combinatorial mode, the main engine speed can only be changed within the limits corresponding to 50Hz and 60Hz at the output of the shaft generator, the shaft generator can remain connected to the main switchboard. The main engine speed and shaft generator frequency will be in the order set on the control stick on the boat's center controls. The limited combiner curve (50-60Hz) will have a minimum engine speed corresponding to 50Hz, while a complete combiner curve may have a minimum engine speed equal to the engine idle speed.
3. By allowing this speed change, the entire power system will be affected in several ways. The frequency will change between 60Hz and 50Hz. The output power from the shaft generator will be reduced at a lower voltage. Pumps and fans without frequency converter are rated for 50Hz or 60Hz depending on required speed / pressure for different systems.