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11.08.08 16:58
Large re-equipment of "Volzhkiy" type dry cargo vessel was completed

The significant re-equipment of river-sea going dry-cargo vessel of "Volga-Don Max" class has been completing in Tuzla (Turkey).
Sail Trade Shipping Company is a ship-owner (Kemal Erduran is a vice-president).
Re-equipment" project was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB) (see 05074 prj.).
Vessel's Russian Maritime Register of shipping class notation is of KM L4 IISP (КМ Ice1 R2-RSN).
The project base is idea of usage high (2.4 m taking into consideration existing coamings) continuous longitudinal hatch coamings that allow to increase standard of general strength of vessel's hull (by 112%!!!), cargo holds' capacity, cargo carrying capacity in accordance with International LL Convention.
Existing coamings and previous upper deck were the most loaded elements that worked out their fatigue resource. These elements were located in the zone near to the neutral axis of the equivalent beam, so they were excluded from the general hull bend that allowed to save them as hull elements. Moment of inertia increase without bottom thickness increase allowed to increase bottom moment of resistance for 1.66 times.
Forecastle height was increased for 1.4 m to increase sailing qualities. Moreover sides' shell between decks in aft area was mounted, so full scale poop superstructure was generated.
Vessel's deadweight was increased from 4350 tons up to 6002 tons (by 1652 tons or by 38%), cargo holds' capacity increased from 6441 cub. m up to 9972 cub. m (by 3531 cub. m or by 54.8%).
Re-equipment was carried out at the "Hydrodinamics" shipyard, Tuzla (Turkey).
Mounting of the new longitudinal cargo hatch coamings (height increasing of the existing ones by 2.5 m) with new deck mounting, transverse bulkheads mounting, forecastle height increasing, poop constructions mounting, significant repair of the hull and frames, machines and mechanisms, devices and electrical equipment were carried out at the shipyard.
280 tons of the newly built constructions were mounted in total.
Vessel satisfies all the requirements on International Conventions, including mounting aft located free falling salvage boat, emergency fire-pump mounting, emergency diesel-generator mounting, fire systems mounting, and increasing coamings' height of doors, hatches, ventilators, air pipes etc.
Re-equipped dry-cargo vessel "Azov Grace" has technical and economic indices that significantly exceed vessel's ones before re-equipment that allows her to be operated in the conditions of the river-sea going and sea transportations, including Black, Azov, Mediterranean Seas.
Vessel is of single-deck, double-screw type with 4 cargo holds, with double bottom and double sides, with forecastle and poop, with ER and accommodation superstructure located aft.
Vessel belongs to so-called "Volga-Don Max" type due to MEB internal classification, the principal particulars of which (overall length is of 138.43 m, breadth is of 16.5 m) are caused by dimensions of the Volga-Don navigation canal locks.
The vessel is optimized for work with draughts of 3.2-4.10 m. The maximum deadweight with draught of 4.10 m is of 6002 tons, with river draught of 3.60 m deadweight is of 4750 tons.
The dry-cargo vessel is assigned for transportation of the general, bulk, timber and large-sized cargoes, dangerous goods and coal.
Vessel has 4 holds with total cargo capacity of 9972 cub. m that allows to transport cargoes with large stowage factor volume without loss of cargo carrying capacity.
Hatch covers are of piggy-back type.
Total ballast tanks capacity is about 3080 cub. m.
Dry-cargo vessel "Azov Grace" became the next vessel of "Volzhskiy/Volgo-Don" type belongs Sail Trade Company that was re-equipped with cargo lifting capacity increase up to summer freeboard draught of 4.10 m.