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16.04.21 17:36
The second cargo-passenger vessel of the 146-passenger "Pavel Leonov" project PV22 is off for sea trials

On 16 April 2021, the second cargo-passenger vessel of the PV22 project, "Pavel Leonov" (construction number 222), departed for sea trials. Builder - Nevsky Shipyard (General Director Evgeny Kuznetsov).
The customer is AO "Sakhalinleasingflot".
The concept and design documentation of the vessel in the construction of the PV22 project were developed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
The vessel is designed to transport 146 passengers, general cargo, containers (including refrigerated) and vehicles between Sakhalin Island and the Kuril Islands and it is equipped with a cargo crane with the ability to handle cargo operations on an unequipped shore.
The new concept of the PV22 project has improved icebreaking capability, because it was based on the project of and Arctic rescuer MPSV07, improved maneuverability compared to existing vessels due to the thruster and 2 propellers. The capacity of the hold is 895 cubic meters (208-215 cubic meters on present vessels). The vessel has the ability to transport 24 containers, including 8 reefer container and 6 vehicles on deck. The reserve movement is provided by a two-shaft twin-engine installation. There are cabins for people with disabilities.
The Maximum length - 75.00 m. Estimated length - 69.72 m. Overall width - 16.00 m. Estimated width - 15.50 m. Depth - 6.70 m.
Passengers are accommodated in a luxury cabin for passengers with one bed, with an individual bathroom and shower; 30 double/quadruple cabins for passengers, with an individual bathroom and shower (including 1 cabin for 1-2 passengers with disabilities and an accompanying person); 6 four-bed cabins, with individual bathroom and shower; mother and child cabins (+ 2 of the double/four-bed passenger cabins meet the requirements, applied to the cabins of mother and child). The total number of stationary beds is 86/146 (double / quadruple accommodation).
Restaurant for passengers works in two shifts (74 seats).
Medical facilities include a single sanitary cabin with an individual bathroom with a bath and shower, a two-bed hospital with an individual bathroom with a bath and shower, and an ambulance room.
With a draught of 5.00 m, the deadweight of the vessel is about 1830 tons. The cargo is placed in a hold with a capacity of 895 cubic meters and on deck, including packed dangerous goods.
To unload the cargo, a cargo crane with a lifting capacity of up to 30.5 tons was installed with an outreach of 12 m to 18 m (cranes with a lifting capacity of 2.5-3.5 tons on present vessels).
The vessel was designed due to Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class notation of KM Arc4 I AUT1-ICS CONT (deck, cargo hold) DG (pack) Passenger ship.
Main engine power 2 x 1800 kW. Speed 14.2 knots. Autonomy 15 days.
Bow thruster - 200 kW.
Crew of 22 people is accommodated in 5 block cabins, consisting of a cabinet and a bedroom with an individual bathroom and shower (captain, chief mate, passenger assistant to the captain, chief engineer, representative of the ship owner's company), 10 single cabins and 9 double cabins. The total number of accommodations for the crew is 28. There is a single cabin for the pilot with an individual bathroom.
Keel of the PV22 lead vessel "Admiral Nevelsky" (building No. 221) was laid down on 12.03.19. She was launched on 28.05.2020. Put into operation 22.12.2020.
Keel of the second vessel "Pavel Leonov" (building No. 222) was laid down on 01.04.19. Launched on 06.08.2020.