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08.01.21 19:28
Results of 2020:The FIRST sea passenger vessel for Sakhalin prj.PV22 "Admiral Nevelskoy" was delivered. Such vessels were not built nearly 30 years!!!

Results of 2020 at the online conference "Philosophy of ship design". On December 22, 2020, the Nevskiy Shipyard put into operation a cargo-passenger vessel of the PV22 project "Admiral Nevelskoy" for 146 cabin passengers for Sakhalin and the Kuriles. The vessel was built by order of Sakhalinleasingflot.
It is interesting to note that such sea passenger vessels, like river cruise vessels, have not been built at domestic factories for almost 30 years. The last one was a small "Gipanis" built in 1992 by the Khabarovsk shipayrd for 36 passengers, and before that there was a break since 1963 (the series "Kyrgyzstan" built by the Northern Shipyard).
The vessel is designed to transport 146 passengers, general cargo, containers (including refrigerated) and vehicles between Sakhalin Island and the Kuril Islands and it is equipped with a cargo crane with the ability to handle cargo operations on an unequipped shore.
From the speech of Professor Gennady Egorov at the on-line conference "Philosophy of ship design" (first day):
The PV22 project vessel "Admiral Nevelskoy" is being built by order of the Sakhalin Region.
A very interesting vessel for 146 passengers plus cargo capacity plus containers.
That is, it is really a passenger vessel of the classic Far Eastern type to ensure the transport accessibility of the regions of the Far East.
Finally, things have gone in this direction of shipbuilding.
The Nevsky Shipyard built the "Admiral Nevelskoy" very quickly. Very fast by our standards.
Yesterday, when we talked, the customer who received this vessel said that he was a little surprised.
He got used to the fact that our shipyards are usually decently delayed, but here they built them on time. Moreover, given that this is the lead vessel, there were not so many problems with it. This also surprised my colleagues.
In any case, we have received a new cargo-passenger vessel for the Far East "Admiral Nevelskoy".
For me, this vessel has a special meaning, because once in the distant 1970s I began to study in Kamchatka, for me Gennady Nevelskoy as a person was much closer than it might seem, because I read a lot about him, and secondly we are namesakes, and thirdly, when you live in Kamchatka, an outstanding explorer of the Far East is much closer in spirit than when you live in the European part.
I grew up, and Nevelskoy was a superstar for me. And now this first passenger vessel for the Far East, which we have designed, is named after him. Very symbolic".

For information. The opinion of users was formulated in a request on September 20, 2013 to the Sakhalin Regional Duma: "The islanders have been waiting for a very long time to buy a vessels to the islands. We were repeatedly informed that there is no analogue to Igor Farkhutdinov. The fact is that there is no way to bring food to the islands, mostly perishable good. Since autumn, there has been a restriction in the delivery of food, since cargo vessels are loaded for 1-2 weeks and go, depending on the weather, for 2-3 weeks. But there are always storms in the fall. You cannot even imagine how difficult it is to please the population of the island and children with fresh fruits or dairy products from autumn to spring. In winter, cargo vessels do not go around the islands from January 3 to April 20... or go once a month... We need a comfortable icebreaker that will be able to provide both the transportation of passengers and the transportation of CARGO to the island".
Performing the FTP "Socio-economic development of the Kuril Islands for 2016 - 2025" in August 2018, Sakhalinleasingflot, following a tender, ordered two cargo-and-passenger vessels with the Arctic category ARC4 for the communication between Sakhalin and the Kuriles of the PV22 Marine Engineering Bureau project at the Nevsky Zavod.
The new concept of the PV22 project has improved icebreaking capability, because it was based on the project of and Arctic rescuer MPSV07, improved maneuverability compared to existing vessels due to the thruster and 2 propellers. The capacity of the hold is 895 cubic meters. m (208-215 cubic meters. m. on present vessels). The vessel has the ability to transport 24 containers, including 8 reefer container and 6 vehicles on deck. The reserve movement is provided by a two-shaft twin-engine installation. There are cabins for people with disabilities.
The main dimensions of new vessels are limited by the conditions of calling at the ports of the Kuril Islands; the vessel has its own means of loading / unloading onto berths not equipped with cranes. The year-round operation of the vessel, including in the conditions of the Sea of Okhotsk, determines the design temperature conditions and ice strengthening.