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08.01.21 17:42
Results of 2020: River cruise vessel "Mustai Karim" of PV300 project - FIRST in 60 years

Results of 2020 at the online conference "Philosophy of ship design". FIRST, built over many years at native shipyards, river cruise passenger vessel "Mustai Karim" project PV300 with a passenger capacity of 329 people for the company "Vodokhod".
Krasnoe Sormovo Shipyard is a builder.
The purpose of the PV300 project vessel "Mustai Karim" is river transportation of passengers along inland water basins of category "M" on long-distance cruise lines Moscow-St. Petersburg with crossings along the Ladoga and Onega lakes, Moscow-Astrakhan, Moscow-Rostov-on-Don with the passage through the Volga-Don navigable channel.
On August 22, 2020, the PV300 project cruise ship "Mustai Karim" embarked on the FIRST voyage with passengers from the Northern Port of Moscow to St. Petersburg.
On the night of August 28-29, 2020, for the FIRST TIME in history, a large cruise passenger vessel with passengers on board passed under the raised bridges on the Neva in St. Petersburg and docked at the English Embankment in the city center. It was Mustai Karim.
According to "Vodokhod", "Mustai Karim" can be compared to a five-star hotel on the water, equipped with comfortable cabins, comfortable, functional and beautiful recreation areas: restaurants and bars with panoramic views, a wine lounge library, with a unique collection of masterpieces of literature and collection of wines, a sports and recreation complex with a sauna, hammam and services of professional massage therapists, a large sun deck.
From the speech of Professor Gennady Egorov at the on-line conference "Philosophy of ship design" (first day):
"Another interesting event (in 2020 approximately Gennady Egorov) is the first cruise passenger vessel of the PV300 project "Mustai Karim" built in Russia in 60 years.
Probably no less notable event than the delivery of the nuclear-powered icebreaker LK-60 "Arktika", although it may have passed less noticeably.
In any case, we have proved that it is not gods who burn pots, and it is not only in foreign shipyards that cruise passenger vessels can be built.
"Mustai Karim" from the point of view of the decisions taken in the beginning, turned out very well.
The client is satisfied with the product (and this will be especially clear when foreign tourist appears, for whom this vessel was made - approx. Gennady Egorov).

For reference. The vessel of the PV300 project "Mustai Karim" is unique on the Russian cruise market.
In 2020, the PV300 project cruise ship "Mustai Karim" of the PV300 project made twelve voyages, in which more than 2500 people were able to assess the level of service provided.
Capacity of the PV300 4-deck cruise liner is 329 passengers, that are arranged in comfortable double cabins of 17-46 m² area (7 cabins are foreseen for 3 places: 2 adults plus 1 child) ranging from 17 to 46 sq. meters.
The vessel has "all the attributes of a five-star hotel", including infrastructure for people with reduced capabilities.
Restaurant on the main deck is of 329 seats, so it is able to arrange all the passengers including children.
For leisure time there are round-view salons (200-seats musical one and 50-seats reading one), transformed 140-seats conference room, 3 bars (bear one, "Panorama" and at the reading salon), children room, fitness salon (sauna, hamam, massage room, gym, hairdressing salon) souvenir shop and solarium on the open sun deck (700 m²).
Lifts connect all decks, communications and toilets, enlarged passageways and absence of obstacles for wheelchairs are foreseen for people with reduced capabilities.
Vessel gives the chance to make a water journey along the chosen route through the European part of RF. During the voyage vessel visits the ports where walking/bus excursions to cultural, historical, natural sights and coastal resort zones are organized. Accommodation with five-star hotel comfort will be provided. There will be possibility of realization of the most various forms of leisure onboard the vessel: bars, discos, sun bath, swimming in the pool, fitness, walks through vessel's open spaces or conversation with a wine glass in a hand, viewing beauty of coast, screening of movies or performances, visiting performance of actors or famous people, listening of lectures, participating in work of creative teams, communication with friends, or simply rest in the cabin with open, i.e. French balcony.
The launch of the cruise ship of the project PV300 "Mustai Karim" into operation is a truly unique event not only for the company "Vodokhod", but also for the entire shipbuilding and cruise industry of Russia.