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01.08.20 15:31
The cruise vessel of project PV300 "Mustai Karim" departed from the water area of the Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard to the port of St. Petersburg

On August 1, 2020, a cruise vessel of mixed river-sea navigation class M-PR 3.0 of project PV300 "Mustai Karim" left the water area of the Nizhny Novgorod shipyard Krasnoe Sormovo (general director Mikhail Pershin) with an appointment to the port of St. Petersburg.
"Vodokhod" Company (general director Rishat Bagautdinov) is a Customer.
This vessel's project was seemed as fantastic one not long ago. The project was developed in 2010-2015 by Marine Engineering Bureau by request of Federal Agency of Marine and River Transport of Russia within the FTP "Development of civil marine equipment for 2009-2016" ( the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is the state customer and the coordinator of the program).
The design of the passenger area, including cabin blocks and public spaces, was developed according to an individual project by Geser.
It is interesting to note that this year the shipowner plans to organize from September 25 to October 15, three unique river-sea cruises from Rostov-on-Don to the ports of the Azov and Black Sea along the route Rostov-on-Don - Yeisk - Temryuk - Novorossiysk / Abrau -Dyurso - Taganrog - Rostov-on-Don.
The construction of a cruise vessel of the PV300 project was carried out at the Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard in accordance with a trilateral contract signed in January 2017 - Krasnoye Sormovo, Vodokhod and the captive leasing company Mashpromleasing.
Capacity of the PV300 4-deck cruise liner is 329 passengers, that are arranged in comfortable double cabins of 17-46 m² area (7 cabins are foreseen for 3 places: 2 adults plus 1 child) ranging from 17 to 46 sq. meters.
The vessel will work at the long cruise lines Moscow - St. Petersburg, Moscow - Astrakhan and Moscow - Rostov-on-Don, along the Azov and Black seas by class M-ĪP 3,0.
Restaurant on the main deck is of 329 seats, so it is able to arrange all the passengers including children.
For leisure time there are round-view salons (200-seats musical one and 50-seats reading one), transformed 140-seats conference room, 3 bars (bear one, "Panorama" and at the reading salon), children room, fitness salon (sauna, hamam, massage room, gym, hairdressing salon) souvenir shop and solarium on the open sun deck (700 m²).
Lifts connected all decks, communications and toilets, enlarged passageways and absence of obstacles for wheelchairs are foreseen for physically challenged people.
Vessel will give the chance to make a water journey along the chosen route through the European part of RF. During the voyage vessel should call the ports where walking and bus excursions to cultural, historical, natural sights and coastal resort zones are organized. Accommodation with five-star hotel comfort will be provided. There will be possibility of realization of the most various forms of leisure onboard the vessel: bars, discos, sun bath, swimming in the pool, fitness, walks through vessel's open spaces or conversation with a wine glass in a hand, viewing beauty of coast, screening of movies or performances, visiting performance of actors or famous people, listening of lectures, participating in work of creative teams, communication with friends, or simply rest in the cabin with open, i.e. French balcony.
Passanger capacity for ordinary existence vessels of "Volga-Don Max" class (301 and 302 projects) with now-days cabins is 200-220 people. At the new PV300 concept with the same overall dimensions about 300-350 passengers may be arranged very comfortable.
All passenger cabins are located on upper, boat and tent decks. There are no passenger cabins on the main deck, where crew members work during mooring, sluicing, passengers' deboarding, cargo operations and where may be high noise level or passengers' disturbed factors.
General arrangement of cruise liner in Vodokhod variant foresees 329 passengers which travel in comfortable 161 cabins: 7 triple luxury cabins with an area of 29-46 sq. meters, 2 double cabins "Lux" area of 24 sq. meters and 152 standard cabins with an area of about 17-20 sq. meters.
All passenger cabins have own French balcony (analog of loggia); they are equipped with double beds, lavatory and douche, air-conditioner, wardrobe, safe, TV set with satellite and internal vessel's channels, hairdryer, sockets 220V and 110V, wireless Internet (Wi-Fi), vessel's radio translation, external and internal telephone connection.
Vessel of the new PV300 concept has the following main particulars:
length overall 141 m;
length between perpendiculars 140.15 m;
breadth overall 16.80 m;
breadth 16.60 m;
depth 5.00 m;
draught maximal 3.00 m;
air draught from BL 16.25 m;
speed 22.5 km/h;
crew and service staff 141 people;
autonomy by fuel 15 days;
autonomy by other stores 5 days.
During the tests, the vessel showed a speed of 25 km per hour with a contract speed of 22.5 km per hour.
Movement and maneuverability of the vessel is provided by two stern full-turned rudder propellers with fixed-pitch propellers in nozzles.
500 kW bow thruster of "screw in a tube" type with fixed-pitch propeller is foreseen for increasing of low speed controllability during passing narrows and during mooring.
Power plant includes two diesel engines with maximal continuous rate about 1200 kW each working towards full-turned rudder propellers; auxiliary unit consisting of three diesel-generators (electrical capacity of 760 kW each), emergency diesel-generator (electrical capacity of 150 kW), and boiler plant consisting of single 800 kW heaters and three 170 kW economizers.
Taking into consideration 470 people onboard the vessel, in accordance with RRR Rules the following equipment is arranged onboard the vessel: two motor rescue boats (8 people each), 16 life rafts (25 people each) and 2 marine evacuation systems that provide 200 people boarding without entering into water.