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12.04.08 14:26
International scientific and technical conference in honour of eightieth anniversary of oldest MEB colleague prof. V.V. Kozlyakov was carried

On April, 9, 2008 Vitaliy Vasil'evich Kozlyakov celebrated his 80th birthday. Vitaliy Vasil'evich is a famous scientist in the area of strength and construction of vessel's hulls and marine structures, Doctor of Science, professor, member of Scientific and Technical Board of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, member of Scientific and Technical Board of Russian River Register, member of RINA, member of American Society of Marine Engineers, member of Ukrainian Shipbuilding Academy, member of Ukrainian Transport Academy.
In honour of Vitaliy Vasil'evich on April, 9-10 international scientific and technical conference "Actual problems of vessels' designing and operation" was held in Odessa. Scientists from all leading shipbuilding centers of former Soviet Union such as St. Petersburg, Nikolaev, Nizhniy Novgorod, Vladivostok, Kiev, Kherson, Nokhodka, Kaliningrad and partners from Istanbul participated in this conference.
Reports of Russian and Ukrainian leading specialists were listened with great attention by Kozlyakov and other participators and guests.
Conference was opened by the report of professor V.G. Sizov, the oldest marine engineer of the country (was born in 1910, works in Odessa National Maritime Academy). Report theme is "Vessel's rolling due to heading waves".
Professor O.E. Lytonov (CNII named for academic A.N.Krylov, St. Petersburg) offered report "Knight of science character" ab" Vitaliy Vasil'evich and ab" his "standing contribution to the up-to-date science ab" vessel. Following features were mentioned in the report: extraordinary effectiveness of experimental and theoretical researches of V.V. Kozlyakov, his fabulous intuition that allows to achieve optimal solution in the shortest way, his working ability that may be envious by younger colleagues. The result of 60-years Vitaliy Vasil'evich's activity is hundreds of science articles, foundation of school of science numerical methods of vessel's structural mechanics, numerous expert conclusions, generations of graduate student and followers, hundreds of solved practical engineer problems that have national importance.
Professor G.V. Egorov (Marine Engineering Bureau, MEB) offered report "Scientific and technical results of MEB activity over 1995".
Professor V.P. Suslov (National University of Shipbuilding, Nikolaev) offered report "Ab" resistance calculation in estimation of vessel's construction dynamic deformations".
Conference was continued with following reports: V.A. Nekrasov (Nikolaev) "Vessel's stability in the storm sailing conditions", V.K. Gribov "Usage of neuron webs during vessels' construction designing", S.V. Petinov and A.I. Frumen (St. Petersburg) "Estimation of construction fatigue in the area of bilge keel", Y.S. Tytkov and E.A. Shishenin (St. Petersburg) "Strategy of vessels and ships establishment in XX1 century", S.N. Girin, I.S. Lysakov and I.I. Tryanin (Nizhniy Novgorod) "Strength aspects of building-up of river-sea going catamaran", G.V. Sharun (Nikolaev) "Designing features of hull constructions of double-deck ro-ro vessels with" pillars", A.A. Osnaych (Kaliningrad) "Probable tractability of standard for local spot wear" and "Strengthening of superstructures' carlings for "Volga" type motorship", Y.N. Korobanov (Nikolaev) "Estimation of designing non-continuous coupling toughness", L.I. Korostylyev (Nikolaev) "Analysis of constructive variants of complex junction fulfillment of tanker corrugated bulkhead" and others.
In total 42 participators from all parts of the former Soviet Union reported at the conference ab" actual problems of state-of-art shipbuilding.
Participators and guest were so interested in reports that organizational committee decided to publish report texts to provide opportunity of access by wider range of specialists with the results expounded during conference.