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26.05.20 18:44
The second small-draught dry-cargo barge with a carrying capacity of 6,000 tons "Belmax 10" prj. RDB20 was accepted into operation

On May 26, 2020, second small-draught hold barge with a carrying capacity of 6000 tons "Belmax 10" of the RDB20 project of class O (building number 4110) was accepted into operation.
Characteristics of the barge, namely 6000 t of cargo at draught 2.85 m with light weight of 1136 tons provide to announce this project as an unique one.
A series of 2 dry cargo vessels prj. RDB20 with operational draughts from 1.20 to 2.85 m (as well as eight previously built oil-loading barge vessels of the ROB20 project) is being built by Oka Shipyard by leasing scheme for the Belmaks Shipping Company (St. Petersburg); the customer (lessor) is the State Transport Leasing Company.
Prj. RDB20 is designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
While designing the hull of RDB20 prj. with overall dimensions of 118 x 22.6 x 3.0 m, computational methods were widely used, which made it possible to "compensate" additional double bottom and double sides; so the carrying capacity is up to 6000 t with a draught 2.85 m. This is definitely a record for inland navigation vessels.
RDB20 is a steel, single-deck, non-self-propelled vessel, with a thrunk deck, with continuous longitudinal coamings of cargo holds, forecastle and aftercastle, with a double bottom and double sides, with 6 cargo holds (three pairs of holds in length), with transom bow and stern extremities with excess freeboard.
The capacity of cargo holds is 9130 cubic m. Deadweight with a draught of 2.85 m is 6017 tons, with a draught of 2.50 m - 5110 tons, with a draught of 2.20 m - 4330 tons, 1.80 m - 3300 tons.
Hatch covers are splash proof of removable type.
Years ago the world's first oil barges set the same records, they also had a very long and flat hull design with a minimum weight of the hull. In 1885, they were designed and built in Tsaritsyn and Saratov by an outstanding Russian engineer Vladimir Grigorevich Shukhov.
New barges can carry bulk cargo with the possibility of loading and unloading using a grab crane.
Therefore, the class of the Russian River Register is O 2.0.
The vessel is designed for operation in the "O" basins with a wave height of 1% of availability 2.0 m. The main area of operation: the Belaya River - the Volga River, up to the Volga emboucher.
Vessel operation is provided by the pushing method with coupling locks of types R-100 and O-200. As the tug-pushers are supposed to be the same "Ural" / "Volgar" type ones (at the first stage).
The keel of the lead RDB20 vessel (building No. 4109) "Belmaks 9" was laid down on 11.09.2019. She was launched 25.03.2020.
The keel of the second vessel (building No. 4110) "Belmaks 10" was laid down on 30.10.2019. She was launched on 16.05.2020 and accepted for operation on 26.05.2020.