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03.05.20 15:25
Multipurpose dry-cargo vessel "Dremora 2" of RSD04L project arrived in Kazakhstan with cargo, confirming the effectiveness of the lengthening

On April 29, 2020, the multipurpose dry-cargo vessel "Dremora 2" of RSD04L project arrived in Kazakhstan with a design cargo, confirming the effectiveness of the lengthening.
The RSD04L project with an extension by 24.05 m made it possible to ensure the size of the second hold, suitable for the transportation of project and oversized cargo - 54.6 x 12.7 x 8.0 m.
Customer is shipping company "Albros" (general director Raim Alekperov).
The 003RSD04/ALB03 vessel "Dremora 2" was built in 2009 in Gelibolu (Turkey) by Aksoy Shipyard under the project of the Marine Engineering Bureau.
The main task of lengthening by 24.05m of prj. RSD04L is to increase the deadweight at small draughts (3.8-4.5 m), which are typical for the ports of the Azov Sea and the Caspian Sea. The weight of the new hull block with the hatch covers is 304 t.
Deadweight at draught of 4.50 m increased to 4772 t from 3442 t for 1330 t (!!!); for draught of 4.20 m deadweight increased up to 4289 t from 3054 t for 1235 tons (!!!).The deadweight for SWL draught of 4.92 m increased up to 5457 t (1512 t. increase).
After modernization by project RSD04L the vessel will receive the class of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping KM Ice3 (hull; power at d = 4.55 m) Ice2 (power) R2-RSN AUT3.
Vessel's overall length is 114.2 m, breadth is 15.6 m, depth is 6.80 m.
Total ballast tanks capacity became 2370 m³.
Two cargo holds with total capacity of 7867 m³ (increased for 2381 m³ from the initial state) are box-shaped, smooth-walled and convenient for providing cargo operations and placing the cargo without stowage.
The dimensions of the large hold (No. 2) are 54.6 x 12.7 x 8.0 m, of the other one (No. 1) are 25.35 x 12.7 x 8.0 m.
A long hold allows non-standard cargo to be transported without reloading from any European port or port of the Persian Gulf region through inland waterways to the Caspian Sea.
Container capacity increased up to 191 TEU (151 in holds and 40 on hatch covers).
Removable type hatch covers ("Lift-away") are installed on board. Work with hatch covers sections is carried out using a gantry crane, which is able to move onto rails installed on the shelf of the cargo hatch coaming.
Single-shaft 1850 kW propulsion unit is equipped by variable pith propeller and and shaft generator.
Increasing the vessel's length to width ratio of the vessel allowed to keep fuel consumption and speed at the same main engine. The lead vessel showed speed of 11.7 kn at marine trials. The operating speed is 11.0 kn.
Crew consists of 12 people, total places onboard are 13.