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14.04.20 19:02
At the Vyborg Shipyard, the hull of the trawler prj.KMT02 "Yuri Matochkin" was moved from the covered to the building berth for the "ATLANTRYBFLOT"

As to information from the site of shipyard, on 14th of April 2020 Vyborg Shipyard (general director Alexander Solovyov), the hull of the 80-meter big refrigerating trawler prj. KMT02 "Yuri Matochkin" (building number 950) was transported from the covered berth to the building berth for the JSC "ATLANTRYBFLOT" (part of LLC "UK" "FOR").
In total, four trawlers of the KMT02 project will be built at the Vyborg Shipyard, two of them are vessels for JSC "ATLANTRYBFLOT".
The first trawler "Yuri Matochkin" for this company (building number 950) was laid down at the shipyard on November 1, 2018.
Automatic plant of trawler-processor KMT02 project provides daily output: 40 t for fillet fish, 48 t for fish meal and fish oil, 80 t for freezing production, 4 thousand of conditional tins for cannery.
Assumed operational area includes Northern Atlantic including Greenland, Canada, Iceland, Spitsbergen and Barents Sea.
The main types of catching fish are: Cod, Dickie (Haddock), Seabass and Wolffish.
After processing and freezing production storage is provided in the refrigerating hold (capacity about 2050 m³). Fishmeal is stored in separate hold (capacity about 260 m³).
The vessel is equipped for work with single trawl or with two trawls simultaneously.
The vessel's general particulars are as follows:
Length overall is about 80.40 m;
Breadth is 15.40 m;
Depth up to main deck is 6.15 m;
Depth up to trawl deck is 9.10 m;
Maximal draught is 8.90 m.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class notation is KM Ice3 AUT1 (REF) Fishing Vessel.
Keel of the lead vessel KMT02 "Nord Pilgrim", (building No. 939), was laid down on 16.01.18. She was launched 03.09.2019.
Keel of the second vessel "Yuri Matochkin", (building No. 950), was laid down on 01.11.18.