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01.04.20 09:40
British Royal Institution RINA included RST12C tanker "Lachin" and RSD12 dry cargo vessel "Navis-1" in Significant Ships of 2019 list

British Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) issued list and description of the best vessels of 2019 (Significant Ships of 2019). The oldest in the world the Institution of Naval Architects has selected 50 vessels of different purposes, types and particulars (from marine cruise vessels till super tankers); at once two vessels designed by Marine Engineering Bureau were included in this list, namely RSD32M multipurpose dry cargo vessel "Navis-1" of 6220 t deadweight constructed by Oka Shipyard and RST12C Caspian oil/chemical tanker "Lachin" of 8009 t deadweight constructed by Baku Shipyard.
According to the conditions adopted in RINA, the experts study only the leading vessels (for each shipyard), put into operation past year. "Navis-1" and "Lachin" are in the company of such vessels as:
- the world's largest container vessel (23,756 TEU) "MSC Gulsun" of 399.9 m length;
- the world's largest oil/chemical tanker "Bow Orion"; her 33 tanks are made of stainless steel;
- the largest due to passenger capacity high-speed (37 kn) catamaran ferryboat "Express" constructed in Australia (12006 passengers and 425 cars);
- the largest in the Asia comfortable passenger ferryboat ďapom "Zhong Hua Fu Xing" (1689 passengers);
- the first new type LPG gas-carrier "Hourai Maru" of 38.5 thousand tons capacity,
Together with "Navis-1" and "Lachin" just already ELEVEN vessels designed by Marine Engineering Bureau have noted as Significant Ships:
2007 - RSD17 dry cargo vessel, Krasnoe Sormovo;
2007 - RSD19 dry cargo vessel, Volgograd Shipyard;
2012 - RST27 tanker, Krasnoe Sormovo;
2012 - RSD49 dry cargo vessel, Nevsky Shipyard;
2013 - RST25 tanker, Zelenodolsk Shipyard;
2013 - RST25 tanker, Kherson Shipyard;
2014 - RST54 combined vessel (tanker/dry-cargo vessel), Oka Shipyard;
2017 - RST27M oil/chemical tanker, Krasnoe Sormovo;
2018 - RSD59 dry cargo vessel, Krasnoe Sormovo;
2019 - RSD32M dry cargo vessel, Oka Shipyard;
2019 - RST12C oil/chemical tanker, Baku Shipyard.
It was especially noted in the RINA editorial article that the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev took part in the solemn ceremony of putting in operation the first constructed in Azerbaijan tanker "Lachin" of RST12C prj.
New RST12C tankers have a boosted "Caspian" function:
• 8009 t deadweight at Caspian draught of 4.54 m (RST27 tanker has 7030 t deadweight), increased is 979 t;
• capacity of cargo tanks is foreseen for oil and oil products at Caspian Region; capacity is increased by trunk raising up to 9190 m³ (RST27 has 8100 m³), i.e. there is 1090 m³ increase.
RSD32M vessels refer to the "Azov 5000" type due to MEB internal classification, in other words their main target task is transportation of "classic" 5000 t grain lots from Azov and Caspian port at character draught for these regions of 4.20 m.
For characteristic for the VDSC draught of 3.60 m river deadweight is 3833 t. For characteristic for Azov and Caspian Seas draught of 4.20 m marine deadweight is 5157 t; the largest marine deadweight for draught 4.745 m is 6221 t.
Keel of the head RST12C tanker "Lachin" (building No. 110) was laid down on 09.02.17. She was launched 21.02.19 and accepted for operation on 13.12.2019.
Keel of the head RSD32M vessel "Navis-1" (building No. 3201) was laid down 22.05.18. She was launched on 12.12.18 and accepted for operation on 29.05.19.