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27.03.20 13:34
RSD44 dry cargo vessel "Kapitan Kanatov" started the 69th navigation on the Volgograd hydroelectric complex "Volgo-Don"

According to the press service of Rosmorrechflot, on the 26th of March, 2020 at 9:00 RSD44 dry cargo vessel "Kapitan Kanatov" inaugurated the 69th navigation on the Volgograd hydroelectric complex of the FSI "Administration "Volgo-Don" RSD44 vessel "Kapitan Krasnov" was built in 2011 by Oka Shipyard in Navashino (Vladimir Kulikov is a general director) and designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
Ten new RSD44 dry cargo vessels of the "Geroi Stalingrada" type, which the Volga Shipping Company has been operating for almost ten years, are the first of the leasing vessels that have paid off. In 2018 the shipowner fully completed payments to the leasing company.
According to the press service, on 26.03.2020 at 9:00 on the Volgograd hydroelectric complex of the FSI "Administration "Volgo-Don" was inaugurated the 69th navigation. The first vessel that passed through the gateway N 30 was cargo RSD44 vessel "Kapitan Krasnov".The next followed M/V "Volgo-Don 177 with a trade to the Buzan port for sulfur loading. Shipowner JSC is "Volga Shipping Company".
In order to ensure navigation during the inter-navigation period, scheduled repair work has been carried out as part of the current and overhaul repairs, reconstruction of the facilities of the hydraulic structures complex of the Volga-Don basin.
Series' head vessel "Kapitan Ruzmankin" was accepted for operation in May of 2011, the 10th one "Kapitan Kanatov" was accepted for operation in April of 2012. Decision about vessels' naming in honour of captains of Volga Shipping Company that perished in the Stalingrad Battle was accepted in the year of the 65th Anniversary of Victory in The Great Patriotic War. In 2012 (year of the 70th Anniversary of the Stalingrad Battle) all 10 vessels named in honour of heroes river captains were already working for cargo transportation through rivers and lakes of Russia.
RSD44 vessel's deadweight in river is about 5543 t with draught of 3.6 m, deadweight at sea is about 5562 t with draught of 3.53 m. RSD44 vessel's deadweight with river draught of 3.6 m is higher about 100 tons than the RSD59, and the cost of construction is less (they are lighter in weight and simpler in class requirements).
Ballast air draught of proposed vessel is only of 5.4 m (and smaller for cargo loading condition). This allows RSD44 project vessel (unlike other) to pass under Neva bridges and Rostov Railway bridge without their drawing. Consequently the vessel would not be waiting queue for bridges' drawing and would save up to 20 days for single navigation.
Thus the RSD44 vessel is unique engineering complex which combines optimal for internal water ways dimensions and modern gears and navigational technical equipment and has significant advantages in comparison with existing analogs.
Vessels were built according to leasing scheme. In accordance with the scheme 85% of means is issued according to state support program of Russian shipbuilding and 15% of means is issued by OJSC "Volga Shipping Company". Scheme conditions is state backing of 2/3 rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation refinancing. Direct financing of the series building is realized by leasing Company "WEB-leasing".