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14.01.20 10:18
Samara Shipyard "Nefteflot" has put into operation two RDB12 4-hold dry-cargo barges "Samarskaya-1" and "Samarskaya-2" of 4885 t deadweight

On 30.12.2019 Samara Shipyard "Nefteflot (Sergey Malovichko is a director) has put into operation two RDB12 4-hold dry-cargo barges "Samarskaya-1" and "Samarskaya-2" of 4885 t deadweight (building Nos. 002 and 003).
PJSE "State Transport Leasing Company" (STLC) ordered 3 barges of this project. Shipping company "Petrotanker" (Saint-Petersburg) is a lessee.
RDB12 is an unmanned non-self-propelled vessel of Volgo-Don Max. type with 4 cargo holds of mixed river-sea sailing region, with double bottom and double sides, with watertight hatch covers. Horizontal coupling beams are placed aft for automatic coupling lock.
Principal dimensions of the dry-cargo RDB12 barge (work with classical OT type tug-pushers is foreseen):
Length max. 95.20 m;
Length overall 95.20 m;
Breadth max. 16.90 m;
Breadth 16.50 m;
Depth at the middle 5.50 m;
Draught max. 4.00 m;
Draught DWL 3.60 m.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class notation is K R3-RSN.
Vessel has transom ends with inclined stem.
Anchor-mooring capstans are installed fore and aft fore corresponding operations.
Cargo holds equipped by watertight hatch covers of 7500 cub.m. capacity are smooth-walled that provides self-shedding of cargo. The double bottom is designed for distributed load of 7 tons per square meter intensity. Double bottom height is 800 mm at CL and 1000 mm at inner side. Double sides width is 1650 mm.
River deadweight is 4086 while draught is 3.60 m. Marine deadweight is 4830 while draught is 4.00 m.
Hatch coves are of removable type. Opening and closing of each section is operated with the help of a special electrical frame crane.
Five main watertight transverse bulkheads divide hull into 6 watertight compartments. Main deck, inner sides and double bottom re of longitudinal framing system, outer sides and hull ends are of transverse framing system. Transverse framing space is 650 mm amidship and 550 mm in the ends. Longitudinal framing space is 550 mm.
RDB12 vessel is equipped by two 1500 kg Hall-type bower anchors and single 1250 kg Hall-type aft anchor. Anchors are kept in hawse with recess.
Electric energy intake (400V) from shore source or tow vessel is made through switchboard installed aft. Two groups of acid unserviceable batteries are used for feeding of signal lights; their capacity provides lights work during 20 hours.
Keel of the head RDB12 vessel (building No. 002) was laid down on 18.04.2019. She was launched on 17.12.2019. Put into operation 30.12.2019.
Keel of the second vessel (building No. 003) was laid down on 18.04.2019. She was launched on 30.12.2019.
Keel of the third vessel (building No. 003) was laid down on 18.04.2019.