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01.01.20 11:28
Marine Engineering Bureau: 2019 overall results - 24 new vessels and 4 major re-equipment's

During 2019, 28 new vessels of 181 thousand tons summarized deadweight were constructed and put into operation due to Marine Engineering Bureau projects. (158.5 thousand tons belong to new construction, 22.5 thousand tons is for re-equipment of the existing fleet).

The lead of the series Caspian RST12C new generation oil/chemical tanker "Lachin" of 8009 t deadweight.
On 13.12.2019 the Baku Shipyard (director Imanverdi Hasanov) solemnly handed over the first built in Azerbaijan Caspian new generation RST12C oil/chemical tanker "Lanchin" of 8009 t deadweight. In total, 4 vessels are being built in the series.
The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev took part in the solemn ceremony.
CJSE "Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company" is a customer.
New RST12C tankers have a boosted "Caspian" function:
• 8009 t deadweight at Caspian draught of 4.54 m (RST27 tanker has 7030 t deadweight), increased is 979 t;
• capacity of cargo tanks is foreseen for oil and oil products at Caspian Region; capacity is increased by trunk raising up to 9190 m³ (RST27 has 8100 m³), i.e. there is 1090 m³ increase.

Two multifunctional MPSV12 small-draught rescue tugboats of Arctic ice class Arc 5.
The Nevsky Shipyard (general director Evgeniy Kuznetsov) is a builder.
FSD "State Customer Management of Maritime Transport Development Programs" of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation is a Customer. There are 4 vessels in the series.
MPSV12 multifunctional salvage tugboat (MSV) is a small-draught (working diapason is of 3.2-4.5 m) vessel with Arctic ice Arc 5 class, with inclined stem, with double-tier long forecastle, with ER located in middle, with diesel power system, with 2 controllable-pitch propellers, with 2 bow thrusters and single aft one.
The vessel has an unique characteristics for her dimensions and Arctic ARC5 ice class, namely: deadweight is 1935 / 440 tons while draught is 4.50 / 3.20 m.
EIGHT largest due to displacement dry-cargo "super-full" mixed river-sea vessels of the "Volgo-Don Max" class.
The head vessel of the series m/v "Pola Makaria" was included in the list of Significant Ships of 2018 of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA).
On 12.12.2019 Krasnoe Sormovo Shipyard (director Mikhail Pershin) launched its thirteenth multipurpose RSD59 dry cargo vessel "Pola Anastasia" of 8144 t deadweight (building No. 06013).
PJSE "State Leasing Transport Company" is a Customer; shipping companies "Pola Rise", "Petrotrans" and "Astrol" are the lessees.
Only three shipyards (Krasnoe Sormovo, Nevsky Shopyard and Oka Shipyard) have contracted more than 40 RSD59 vessels (fourteen of them are already built, the rest are under construction).
Constructed in 2018-2019 fourteen "super-fat" RSD59 multipurpose dry-cargo vessels of "Volgo-Don Max" class has no analogue in the world and are significantly better than all other vessels at the domestic market due to their technical-economic parameters.
Advantages of the RSD59 project in comparison with the best of the previously constructed dry cargo vessels of the Volga-Don Max class of the RSD49 project (by the example of m/v "Pola Fiva" with increased marine function):
• deadweight at draught of 3.60 m is 5320 t (RSD49 has 4507 t), increase is 813 t;
• deadweight at the maximum draught of 4.706 m is 8144 t (RSD49 has 7143 t at maximum draught of 4.70 m ), increase is 1000 t;
• the existence of a long L = 77.35 m hold (RSD49 vessel has L = 52 m cargo hold ) that allows transportation of oversized and heavy cargo; this is relevant for the market of the Caspian region countries;
• the hold's height is increased up to 9000 mm, that is 620 mm bigger than for RSD49 project. Such height allows to load 9'6'' containers ("high cube containers"), 3 ones in single stack;
• movement and controllability are provided by two rudder propeller units (better maneuverability in the narrow waters, more cargo space due to the reduction of size of engine room).

EIGHT RSD32M mixed river-sea dry-cargo vessels of "Azov 5000" class.
On November 15, 2019, the eighth, final in the series RSD32M multi-purpose dry cargo vessel "Anatoly Nikolaev" (building No. 3208) of 6220 t deadweight was put in to operation. The entire series was built during 2019.
PJSC "State Leasing Transport Company" is a Customer, Navis-1 Company is a lessee.
Main target task for the RSD32M vessels is transportation of "classic" 5000 t grain lots from Azov and Caspian port at character draught for these regions of 4.20 m.
Philosophically, RSD32M vessels are intended to change morally and physically outdated vessels of Sormovskiy and Volgo-Balt types, which are actively operated just in this transportation segment.
RSD32M vessels has shorter theoretical length than other Volgo-Don Max ones, they are more inexpensive for construction and more economical at operation.

TWO dry-cargo RDB12 mixed river-sea barges of "Volgo-Don Max" class.
PJSE "State Transport Leasing Company" (STLC) ordered 3 barges of this project. Shipping company "Petrotanker" (Saint-Petersburg) is a lessee. Samara Shipyard "Nefteflot" is a builder.
RDB12 is an unmanned non-self-propelled vessel of Volgo-Don Max. type with 4 cargo holds of mixed river-sea sailing region, with double bottom and double sides, with watertight hatch covers. Horizontal coupling beams are placed aft for automatic coupling lock.
Principal dimensions of the dry-cargo RDB12 barge (work with classical OT type tug-pushers is foreseen):
Length max. 95.20 m;
Length overall 95.20 m;
Breadth max. 16.90 m;
Breadth 16.50 m;
Depth at the middle 5.50 m;
Draught max. 4.00 m;
Draught DWL 3.60 m.

The series of the largest due to displacement MARPOL non-self-propelled the ROB20 Belmax class oil barges for operation at the Belaya River has been completed (the final series' vessel was built).
On 29.04.19 the eighth ROB20 small-draught double-hulled non-self-propelled tanker barge "Belmax 8" was put into operation; barge is of class "O" of the "Novaya Belskaya" type of 6000 t deadweight at 2.75 m draught.
A series of eight vessels was built by leasing scheme for the Belmax Shipping company; the customer (lessor) is the State Transport Leasing Company.
Vessels are intended for the transportation of oil with flashpoint not less than 60°C; the main cargo is fuel oil, the main cargo is masut; the route is through the Belaya River and the Volga River, including reservoirs.
As the tug-pushers are supposed to be the same "Ural" / "Volgar" type ones (at the first stage).
For information, old "Belskaya" type barges of the P-27 prj. with river class "P" in the initial single-hull version at draft of 1.80 m took on board 2,960 t of cargo, and at a maximum draft of 2.60 m took onboard 4590 t.
So one may observe an increase in the abilities of new ROB20 barges, both in capacity of transported cargo and in the vessel's class, plus the "double-hull" construction as a basic criterion.

Floating transshipment terminal of "open" type/ non-self-propelled Luft type CV03 crane vessel.
On 24.05.2019 the Besiktas Shipyard (Yalova, Turkey) launched the second CV03 port roads transshipment terminal"Luft 2" (building number 82) equipped by 35 t crane and a 4600 m³ cargo hold.
The CV03 transshipment terminal is designed to provide port roads reloading of bulk cargoes, primarily ore, with help of the crane from sea-river vessels to marine bulkers. Possibility of cargo accumulation during break between "large" vessels arrival is foreseen (feeder dry cargo vessels arrive more often).
LIEBHERR cargo crane of CBG350 type is installed onboard. The maximum outreach of crane's boom is about 46 m. Crane's lifting capacity is 35 t (at 12-30 m outreach), 30 t (at 30-36 m outreach). Crane provides output up to 20,000 t per day.
In order to prove operation of the port roads transshipment terminal in the seas, an experimental and numerical estimations were carried out for the wettability of a crane vessel with a cargo hold without hatch cover.

Arctic multi-functional supply tanker of the ST33 project.

THREE tankers converted into dry-cargo vessels under the RSD22 project.
Conversion of three 05074T tankers owned by Volga Shipping Company (namely "Volgo-Flot 3", "Volgo-Flot 7" and "Volgo-Flot 9") into dry-cargo vessels of 5450 t deadweight according to the RSD22 project was completed in 2019.
The converted RSD22 vessel is transportation of the general and bulk cargoes including grain, timber, containers of internationall standard in holds.

ONE Lukoil type tanker converted into dry-cargo vessel under the RSD29 project.
On August 11, 2019, the new Palmali RSD29 multipurpose dry cargo vessel "Mammad Amin Resulzadeh" of 6057 t deadweight departed for her first voyage.
In 2019 the vessel was converted from the 00201L tanker by Dogruyol Shipyard (Yalova, Turkey).
The converted RSD29 vessel is transportation of general and bulk cargoes, including grain, packed and round timber, grain, scrap metal, bunches and rolls of metal, dangerous goods of 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 classes of IMDG Code and cargoes of category B of IMSBC Code.
Among vessels that are built under the Bureau projects in Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and China:
• 2 railway ferryboats of the CNF19M prj. for the Ust-Luga - Baltiysk line of the Baltic Sea;
• 2 cargo-passenger car-railway ferryboats of the CNF18C prj. for the Caspian Sea;On 13.12.2019 the Baku Shipyard solemnly launched the head CNF18C "Azerbaijan" railway-car-passengers ferryboat for Caspian Sea. The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev took part in the solemn ceremony;
• 2 cargo-passenger car-railway ferryboats of the CNF11CPD prj. of Arc 5 ice category for Vanino-Kholmsk line;
• 2 cargo-passenger PV22 vessels of high ice class of 146 passenger capacity for transportation between Kuril Islands and Sakhalin Island;
• cargo-passenger PV24 vessel of 36 passenger capacity of about 1350 t deadweight for transportation between the Commander Islands, Severo-Kurilsk and Petropavlosk-Kamchatskiy;
• 3 RST12C oil/chemical tankers for the Caspian Sea;
• PV300VD cruise river-sea passenger vessel of 310 passengers capacity;
• PV300 cruise river passenger vessel of 342 passengers capacity;
• 2 multifunctional MPSV12 rescue tugboats of Arc5 ice category;
• multifunctional 4 MW MPSV07 rescue vessel of "Spasatel Karev" type of Arc5 ice category;
• multifunctional 7 MW MPSV06 rescue vessel / icebreaker of Icebreaker6 ice category;
• big refrigerating trawlers of KMT01, KMT02 and ST-192 projects;
• crab ship-processors of ST184, KSP01 and KSP02 projects;
• 2 BLV04 buoy vessels;
• 2 BLV03 buoy vessels of ice class foe operating at the area of the ports of the Northern Sea Route;
• RT37 bunkering tanker/ecological vessel for Baikal;
• HS01 museum vessel for Baku on the basis of old tanker with middle superstructure;
• 6 small WSB01 supply/working vessels for the Caspian Sea;
• also a lot of other vessels, including up-to-date marine and mixed river-sea tankers and dry-cargo vessels of such types as "Pola Makaria" (RSD59 prj.), "Alexander Shemagin" (RST25 prj.), "Neva-Leader" (RSD49 prj.), "Marlin" (RST22TP prj.), "Gloster" (RST26 prj.), "Ediniy" (RSD60 prj.), "Azov 5000" (RSD18, RSD32M prjs.), "Chelsi", (RSD79 prj.), "Belmax" (RDB20 prj.), RDB12 prj.
and number of other innovation vessel.
Except new vessels, there are also realized projects of modernizations and re-classifications.
In 2019 Bureau continued keeping of science activity. Results of company's works and new developments were presented at more than 20 international conferences through the whole world; Bureau's staff published more than 70 papers.