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05.12.19 19:14
Kherson shipyard resumed construction of the Chelsea type dry-cargo vessels of 005RSD06.12 prj

Kherson shipyard and Concord Shipping company resumed construction of the 005RSD06.12 dry-cargo vessels. One can see the m/v "Chelsea - 8" of 6372 t deadweight in the photographs.
005RSD06.12 prj. (modified 005RSD06) is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
Class notation of the Ukraine Registry of Shipping is KM Ice 1 R3-RS BWM(D2).
005RSD06.12 vessels have double bottom and double sides; she belongs to the "Volga-Don Max" type due to MEB internal classification. Her main characteristics (overall length 137.62 m and breadth 16.5 m) are determined by locks' dimensions of Volga-Don Shipping Canal.
The lead vessel of the modified 005RSD06.01 prj. "Chelsea-3" has been successfully operated since February 17, 2006. The vessel of the initial 005RSD06 prj, "Chelsea - 2" has been in operation since February 21, 2005. In total there are 8 these projects vessels in operation.
M/v "Chelsea-8" is optimized for operation at draught of 3.20-4.25 m. The maximal marine deadweight at draught of 4.25 m (depth 5.5 m, height of cargo hatch coaming 3.5 m) is 6372 t, river deadweight at draught 3.60 m is 4792 t.
The vessel is designed for transportation of general, bulk, timber, grain and oversized cargoes and dangerous goods of classes 1.4S, 2.2, 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 6.1, 8 and 9. She has four holds with a total capacity of 9837 m³; that allows to transport cargoes of large stowage factor without loss of carrying capacity. The permitted load on the second bottom is 6.5 t/m³.
The width of the double sides is 2.15-1.69 m, the height of the double bottom is 0.9 m.
Total ballast tanks capacity is 3118 m³.
Two main 852 kW (medium-speed) engines with provide operational speed of 10 kn. propellers are of fixed pitch type in turn nozzles.
Vessel's autonomy is 20 days (by stores).
3 single block cabins and 13 single cabins with bathroom and shower are intended to accommodate a crew of 16 people. There is 1 spare single cabin with bathroom and shower.