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16.08.19 10:06
Dry cargo vessel "Oneriva 42" (prj. 964) was modernized for grain transportation by increasing height of cargo hatches' coaming

On the 16th of the August, 2019, a significant modernization of dry cargo vessel"Oneriva 42" was completed. The modernization was carried out for grain transportation providing and included increasing height of cargo hatches' coaming.
The modernization was fulfilled at Hidrodinamik Shipyard, Tuzla, Turkey.
The modernization project was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
After modernization the vessel has got class notation KM L4 R2-RSN of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
As a result of modernization, the capacity of cargo holds has been increased from 3955 m³ to 4511 m³ (plus 586 m³ or 15%); that enhanced vessel's loading capacity for grain transportation (at draught 3.6m deadweight is 3375 t, with 100 tons of stores the specification SF increased upto 1.39 m³/t).
At the same time, the standard of general strength has grown significantly: the section modulus of hull due to coaming satisfies RS Rules with 23.9% reserve with today actual hull elements thickness. The section modulus of hull due to bottom satisfies RS Rules with 23.8% reserve.
The main works which were made by the shipyard:
• increasing the height of the longitudinal coaming by inserting a vertical plate of 800 mm height;
• mounting of a longitudinal stiffener onto inserted plate made in the form of a welded T-beam;
• shifting the upper part of the existing longitudinal coaming and counterforces vertically upward together with all details;
• mounting of new counterforces;
• enlarging the foundations of the hatch covers' winches.
The material of the installed vertical inserted plate of coaming and its stiffener is D36 category shipbuilding steel with yield strength of 355 MPa.
After the modernization "Oneriva 42 is a double-screw cargo vessel with 2 cargo holds, with double bottom and double sides, with engine room and deck house located aft.
The vessel is intended for transportation of general and dry bulk cargoes, including timber, large-sized cargo, ISO containers, dangerous goods and coal.
Main characteristics of the vessel are as follows:
Length overall is 105.30 m;
Length between PP is 102.08 m;
Breadth is 16.50 m;
Depth is 5.50 m;
Draught (Summer freeboard) is 3.847 m;
Deadweight (marine) is 3888 t;
Holds capacity is 4541 m³.
The modernized dry cargo vessel "Oneriva 42" has technical-economic indicators that significantly exceed the vessels's capabilities before modernization, which allows it to be efficiently operated in mixed river-sea and sea transportation.