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30.07.19 15:08
The sixth multipurpose RSD32M dry-cargo vessel "Navis-6" of 6220 t deadweight is launched

On 30.07.2019 the third multipurpose RSD32M dry-cargo vessel "Navis-6" of 6220 t deadweight (building No. 3206) was launched.
The customer is PJSE "State Leasing Transport Company", "Navis-1" company is the lessee. Totally 8 multifunctional dry-cargo vessels are ordered.
Prj. RSD32M is designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
RSD32M vessels refer to the "Azov 5000" type due to MEB internal classification, in other words their main target task is transportation of "classic" 5000 t grain lots from Azov and Caspian port at character draught for these regions of 4.20 m.
Philosophically, RSD32M vessels are intended to change morally and physically outdated vessels of Sormovskiy and Volgo-Balt types, which are actively operated just in this transportation segment.
RSD32M vessels can be operated for transportations of general, bulk, packed and round timber, grain, scrap metal, bunches and rolls of metal, large-sized and heavy-lift cargoes, coal, dangerous goods of 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 classes of IMDG Code and cargoes of category B of IMSBC Code. Sailing regions are internal waterways of European part of RF; Azov, Caspian, Black, Mediterranean Baltic, White, North Seas, including voyages around Europe and to Irish Sea in winter.
RSD32M vessels has shorter theoretical length than other Volgo-Don Max ones, they are more inexpensive for construction and more economical at operation.
The project is designed for a class notation KM Ice1 R2 AUT1-ICS CONT(deck, cargo holds Nos.1,2,3) DG(bulk, pack) of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and meets all the requirements of international conventions acted at the moment of the vessel's keel laying.
For characteristic for the VDSC draught of 3.60 m river deadweight is 3833 t. For characteristic for Azov and Caspian Seas draught of 4.20 m marine deadweight is 5157 t; the largest marine deadweight for draught 4.745 m is 6221 t.
The maximum vessel's length is 123.17 m, the overall width is 16.75 m, depth is 5.50 m.
The capacity of cargo holds is 8804 m3, number of holds is 3.
All cargo holds are box-shaped, smooth-walled, and convenient for cargo operations and placing the goods without stowage.
Propulsion unit consists of two full-turned rudder propellers that combines properties of propulsion devise and control means within single complex; this significantly enhances manoeuvrability of the vessel.
Two medium-speed diesels of 1180 kW each are used as main engines. Fuel oil stores are placed in deep-tanks in area of the ER fore bulkhead.
The operating speed is 10.0 kn.
Marine sailing autonomy is 20 day.
Crew consists of 11 people, total places onboard are 14. Pilot cabin is provided.
Designed vessel hull's life term is 24 years. The double bottom is designed for distributed load with intensity of 10.0 t/m², and also allows to use bucket grab.
Keel of the lead RSD32M vessel "Navis-1" (building No. 3201) was laid down 22.05.18. She was launched on 12.12.18 and accepted for operation on 29.05.19.
Keel of the second vessel "Navis-2" (building No. 3202) was laid down 26.06.18. She was launched on 28.02.19 and accepted for the operation on 29.05.19.
Keel of the third vessel "Navis-3" (building No. 3203) was laid down 22.08.18. She was launched on 02.04.19.
Keel of the fourth vessel "Navis-4" (building No. 3204) was laid down 21.09.18. She was launched on 15.05.19.
Keel of the fifth vessel "Navis-5" (building No. 3205) was laid down 27.11.18. She was launched on 27.06.19.
Keel of the sixth vessel "Navis-6" (building No. 3206) was laid down 27.12.18. She was launched on 30.07.19.
Keel of the seventh vessel "Navis-7" (building No. 3207) was laid down 15.02.19.
Keel of the eight vessel "Navis-8" (building No. 3208) was laid down 28.03.19.